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Our thin skinned Princess Mayor

Well it didn’t take long for our Princess Mayor to learn that not everyone is enamored with her royal highness. After her “State of the City Address” the comments on Facebook were less than kind- about her hair, makeup, clothes. This is nothing new- Rhine McLin was constantly mocked as Mayor McHat- and for her funky glasses with one round lens and one square. When Gary Leitzell continued to wear his earring, some scoffed as well. Back before the Internets- Mayor Richard Clay Dixon was often called Mayor Diction- because of the way he mangled/mumbled words.

None of them sent email blasts to their supporters or made a blog post about how wrong it was.

Nan of course, was hurt, and published her second post since she’s been elected. Note, she didn’t even bother to post a thank you after buying her seat.

I want to talk about moving Dayton forward, they wanna talk about my eyebrows!

This past Wednesday I gave my first State of the City address to a standing room only crowd in the Dayton City Commission chambers. In my speech, I shared the Commission’s priorities for the coming year and our vision for creating jobs and economic opportunities for the residents of Dayton. You can watch the speech in its entirety here [1].

Much of the news coverage was fair and shared the ideas discussed in the speech. Unfortunately, one Dayton Daily News reporter decided to go another route with her unfair internet coverage of some comments that attacked how I looked and what I was wearing. [2]What I wear is not news. Internet musings related to my appearance is not news and random irrelevant remarks posted on a Facebook page should not be the focus of mainstream news reporting.

via STOP Media Sexism! [3].

I’ve already caught hell for stating that I don’t think anything Amelia Robinson writes for the Dayton Daily news is worth reading [4], so count me as neutral here. And, this line from the piece in question should prove it:

“Oh, and New Jersey Mayor Chris Christie is fat.”

For the record Ms. Robinson, States don’t have mayors- they have governors, but, the cold hard fact is that the piece that Whaley calls “Media Sexism” is really in support of our Princess Mayor- saying that women shouldn’t be judged by the way they look or dress, but by their substance. I’m sure our Mayor will be calling the DDN editors on Monday demanding Robinson be fired.

My rule on this site for comments is generally you can say anything you want about me as long as it is opinion and not false. You can call me ugly and say my mother dresses me funny.  You can’t say I’m a bank robber. You can’t talk trash about other commenters. You also can’t accuse people in public office of criminal behavior- unless it’s already well established. I try to keep things civil.

When it’s unsigned- it means nothing to me. If you are willing to sign your name, it has more veracity. That’s why my recent nomination to the Dirtbag Ohio hall of fame [5] by anonymous pissants makes me laugh. They even used the See You Next Tuesday word to describe me. I’m sure our Princess Mayor would have called the FBI out if they’d called her that.

Quite frankly, both A.J. Wagner and Gary Leitzell defined Dayton’s number one problem as marketing and changing our image. Leitzell’s solution to lame media coverage and crap like this was to only talk to them when he had something positive to say about Dayton- refusing to comment on things like when we made the top 10 list for most vacant cities. He was way more media savvy than people gave him credit. Wagner talked a great game starting out in his campaign, until he fastened on to the “Dayton lost 9,000 jobs line” which pretty much sank his campaign. Princess Nan just defined her mayorship half way through month two by her thin skin and low self-esteem.

Lucky for her, no other news outlet should touch this with a ten foot pole. Only the DDn which no longer knows how to report news, or recognize it when it happens, would waste time reporting on what a few dozen idiots write on Facebook.

Word from inside the paper says Robinson is told to write this kind of crap. If anyone should be fired, it’s the editor who let the “Mayor Christie” of N.J. is fat line get published. Then you can look at the idiots who think what people say on Facebook matters.

First lesson for elected leaders: never let others define the conversation if at all possible. Second lesson- it’s never about you- but about your community.

If Whaley wants to change the conversation, she needs a thicker skin yesterday. She also can stop doing things like hiring campaign flunkies like Hilary Browning as a commission aide- without posting the job.

There, that’s a story the DDn could write about, one that matters.


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1st Mayoral Speech = 1st Big Misstep
Boo Hoo. The Whale’s 1st speech to a “standing room only crowd” (methinks she had a phone bank call in her minions) and all anyone is going to remember is her immature, unprofessional and unstatesman-like reaction to media coverage that didn’t extol her grand plans and brilliant vision. Boo Hoo. A qualified, well-mentored candidate, or even a candidate’s wife, would have let this roll off their back. Dayton has too f’n many problems to be sidestepped by this. The Mayor of Dayton must be bigger than reacting to such banality. Guess she missed that day at Mayor School.
Nannette’s reaction betrays her narcissistic personality disorder as well as her pedantic and pedestrian approach to such matters. In doing so, she reinforces the image of a small town hick that has no class, proper education or sophistication; you can’t fix stupid. Her image will be great for improving Dayton’s image. This is what we get when candidates are allowed to buy their way into office and a corrupt BOE’s aids the act.
Its really rich when press-groupie Whale, who pursued the DDN for nearly 2 decades feeding them leads & sound bites so as to increase her name in print, is now biting the hand that fed her. The 1970’s called Nan, and they want the “media sexism” slogan back.
Expect more of this from the Whale. Maybe Esrati’s blog could be expanded to include: “Whale Watch.” The more she becomes a public joke, the less credibility she will have and her minions may move on.
PS I interpret that the content of her speech is the manifestation of their agenda & what they all had to go out of town for? LOL. 


Wait–are you admitting, David, that your Mom dresses you?

Jordan Freshour

I was so proud to make the screenshot on that DDN article! It’s hilarious they even gave me attention.

I feel proud.

some guy

Amelia Robinson is an absolutely terrible and lazy writer. Her pieces regularly feature big time typos, and a stunning basic lack of awareness of the world (see Mayor of New Jersey).
She seems to rely on facebook “can you believe what they said” journalism more than anyone in town, the ultimate lazy person’s way to report.

But the one thing you will never see in anything written by Amelia Robinson is an interesting turn of words in her work, which is almost always cringe worthy in its banality and mediocrity. She’s a great example of someone trying to be a writer, who just doesn’t have a writer in them.


David, it should be ‘DDN,’ not ‘DDn.’ When have you ever remained neutral on anything?

Dale C

I like the “whale watch” blog idea, it’s perfect.  I think there should be a blog just for the BOE as well, not sure what to call it though.  Something regarding director Harsman’s toupee?


Totally below the belt remarks. These cheap comments about this woman are shameful. If you want to debate ideas do so this crap about her appearance are sexist and embarrassing. 


Bismark, your self-styled rephrasing of the mayor’s name as “the Whale” is neither cute nor original. What it IS is sexist and fatphobic. Stick to her record – there’s plenty to legitimately complain about there.

Dale C

Melissa, sexist is a word made up by leftists to silence deserved criticism of women, simply one of the many modern forms of the word “heresy” that they use to silence speech that conflicts with their doctrine.  Nan is for a fact morbidly obese and a terrible health example for the children and adults in our community.  Just as Rhine numbs herself with pills and booze Nan numbs herself with massive overeating, it’s sad and shaming her is appropriate until she can get out of denial and get help for her sickness.   She is now and will continue to abuse our heath care system with fat related medical expenses. 


To all concerned: The eponym, The Whale, refers to Nan Whaley’s larger-than-life ego.  Any other inference betrays  your own conclusions.

Not a fan of Dale

“Nan is for a fact morbidly obese,” Dale C?  You know for a fact that “she is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight“?  And if you do know that, mind telling us how you know it?
And “shaming her is appropriate,” Dale C?  Really?  Care to cite a source, perhaps in the DSM, that says that shaming is an appropriate strategy for dealing with someone who’s obese?
And you really think that “sexist is a word made up by leftists to silence deserved criticism of women”?  It’s certainly not kept you from spouting off your ignorant ideas.

Dale C

Hi Not a Fan! The DSM for weak mindless sheep liberals who can only regurgitate books and can’t figure out anything on their own.  We used to be a thin fit country, like the rest of the world, until horrible liberals lowered our standards because someone feels bad when the truth is told about them.  Mental health services are a racket just fyi, with made up illnesses based on symptoms that are caused by how one approaches life not something that is actually wrong with their mind.  Nan is very fat and a massive risk for hearth problems, diabetes, digestive system and all sorts of breakdowns in her physical body.  She is a good rep for the fat bloated city she sits on top of.  How long have you been a ignorant  sheep like follower of a politician who ties your emotions into worshipping another person instead of thinking for yourself? 

Andy Rowe

I’m the “anonymous pissant” who put up DirtbagOhio. I’m the “AGM” at Blind Bobs bar. I live at 601 Watervliet Ave. Dayton Ohio 45402 my phone number is 937-217-7693, please feel free to call me at all hours of the night to nominate other dirtbags.
My real name is Charles A Rowe III
You can see my police blotter at Dayton Clerk of Courts http://www.daytonmunicipalcourt.com/
I get a lot of traffic tickets.
Don’t confuse me with Charles A. Rowe II- he’s a common criminal