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Our democrat, not a democrat = not democratic

It’s long been a belief of mine that the Ohio Democratic Party and the local Montgomery County Democratic Party are the worst enemies of Democrats running for office in the state. Yes, a republican challenger candidate is a better friend to a democrat than their own party.

The biggest expenditures for the Ohio House Democratic Caucus, which didn’t spend in primaries, was $29,000 it sent to the Ohio Democratic Party. ODP in turn gave $10,802 to Columbus state Rep. David Leland. It also gave to two non-office holders running in crowded primaries for what will be open seats — $9,502 to Willis Blackshear of Dayton, and $6,547 to Dontavius Jarrells of Columbus.

Source: Ohio Republicans spend big on state legislative primaries – cleveland.com [1]

Just to be clear, any party support of candidates in primaries is a mistake- other than supporting a “get to know your democratic choices” type campaign.

Instead, we have the ODP spending $9,502 to support one democrat over two others- who won’t have opposition from a republican after the primary (note- an independent who can gather a couple of thousand good signatures could still enter the race).

Blackshear is being challenged by Jo’el Jones and Walter J. Hickman- all dems to replace Fred Strahorn for State Rep, Ohio 39. Why is the party willing to spend that much money getting Willis Jr. elected over the much more experienced folks who are running?

And, if you wonder why John McManus is now running as an R vs Russ Joseph for Montgomery County Treasurer, all you need to know is the ODP didn’t send him any money- in a district that there was an actual competition.

This is how much the party believes that they should just pick your candidates for you- instead of ever bothering with stupid little things like voting.

Full disclosure: I’ve done work for Jones and McManus.

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