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One of these Dayton City Commission candidates is not like the others…

Remember those tests where you were asked to identify the one thing that was not like the others? Well, the Dayton Daily news voters guide [1] makes it abundantly clear that one candidate isn’t like the others.

You can slice them and dice them anyway you want, but, in this case, my answers [2] are so different than than the others you may as well define me as from another planet.

The primary is May 7, 2019 and voters can vote for up to 2 of the 5 candidates to select which 4 move on to the November 2, 2019 election for 2 Dayton City Commission seats. The winners will take office in January of 2020 to sit with Mayor Nan Whaley, Commissioner Jeff Mims, and Commissioner Darryl Fairchild.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide real links to each individual candidate since the DDn still doesn’t know how to build websites on their own- and they use some third party doofus company [3] that doesn’t either.

You’ve got two former city employees, Valerie Duncan the housing inspector who thinks we can tear our way down to success. And Shenise Turner-Sloss who wins at buzzword bingo. (Full disclosure, my firm, The Next Wave [4] has done work for both of them).

You’ve got the two incumbents, nice guys who say absolutely nothing. Matt Joseph who has been sucking at the Dem party tit since he was in college, starting out with working for Tony Hall, just like another recently retired from politics local nice guy- Dan Foley. Chris Shaw who has got to be a one-term wonder, because he hasn’t had an original thought in his entire life. Reading through their profiles is as if the same person wrote them, with slightly different language.

I can’t get back the 30 minutes I spent reading the others profiles, but I can tell you that there is an amazing lack of creativity in their solutions and a very narrow view of problems from the other candidates. Our problems in Dayton extend way beyond the borders of Dayton proper and are systemic failings of our state to be competitive.

In a nutshell, Ohio is choking in government. Too many jurisdictions, too many meetings, too many elected officials, too many courts, too many school districts. Until we start addressing these systemic failures- we’ll be forever throwing tax dollars at problems that private dollars could and would fix if they thought the playing field was level and the chance for a return on investment was real. We’re doing our best to make it hard for small businesses like mine and Commissioner Shaw’s to compete and too easy for Walmart, Amazon and the like to come and kick our little businesses in the behinds.

I know this because I work with small businesses to help them differentiate themselves and compete everyday. That’s why one of my clients can keep going despite a race to the bottom vs the upteen chains that abound within a mile, despite charging a premium price. I excel at finding competitive advantage and capitalizing on it.

Dayton should only have one direction to move, up. (With the exception of the Dayton Public Schools- which will be doomed as long as Dr. Libby Lolli and this board are left in charge). If you take the time to read all the answers to the voters guide- and feel like I’m your candidate- please, head over to www.electesrati.com/act [5] and sign up to volunteer, donate [6], get a sign.

If you want to discuss particular statements from any of the candidates- feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll respond promptly.



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i appreciate your candid summary…thank you

Thomas McMasters

It’s not until the 8th paragraph that you talk about something in the city that you feel needs to be addressed. Hard to tell if after that you actually propose any solutions.