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On Craigslist, a supporter: David Esrati : I remember him

Found this on Craigslist- and thought it was worth sharing. I think it sums up why I’m in this campaign.

David Esrati : I remember him [1]
Yeah I remember David. Laugh if you will, but I am sick and tired of the “business as usual” pols.

Ahhh… let me gaze into my crystal ball. Whether you are Dem or Rebub, you’ll end up with two choices, both created by equally corrupt machines.

Later that Tuesday night, you’ll watch which “team” wins, really not content with the outcome other than the fact your “team” won.

I’ve just come back from David Esrati’s website. I think I’m going to support him (being a stauch repub, that means something). Why? Because even though he does not support my views 100%, I think that he will pursue with passion what he feels is right, NOT what he feels obligated to based on who funneled tons to cash to his committee. Admit it, both big name machines are beholden to their own devils. Unions, Big Oil, Hollywood, Defense, etc.

Yeah, I’m willing to take a risk with my vote. But I won’t be risking how I feel by casting it.

Mr. Esrati, good luck in your campaign. I will be supporting you.

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