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Oct VOB108 Meeting: GSA schedules- what you need to know, from the Feds — VOB108

Are you a veteran and own a business (like me)? Or, are you an organization that is debating getting a GSA schedule to do business with the Federal Government?

If you are, this week’s VOB108 meeting is for you:

Mr. Paul Adams, Customer Service Director (CSD) for the Federal Acquisition Services in SW Ohio. Additionally, he is the CSD for all state and local government agencies in Ohio and Michigan. He provides assistance, resolves problems, and answers questions concerning GSA schedules at all levels of government. This is an excellent opportunity to gain qualified information concerning obtaining a GSA schedule for your business. What requirements are needed to obtain a schedule and what your business needs to do to retain that schedule, once it is obtained. Paul is also a USAF veteran with over 23 years of service. Seating is limited and registration is required.

The meeting is a “working lunch” so bring a brown bag or RSVP for Pizza Factory pizza for $5 via email to [email protected]

The meeting is free- but we’d like to know how many to expect.

via Oct VOB108 Meeting: GSA schedules- what you need to know, from the Feds — VOB108 [1].

While my qualifications for City Commission often get overlooked, this is an organization that I helped found with two other former US Army Paratroopers. We seem to work fine together as a team, as we are all professionals. The only qualification for joining the organization is to own a business and have a valid DD-214.

For those of you who don’t know what  GSA schedule is- it’s a contract to provide goods or services to the government at a set price. However, it’s a one-way deal with you promising and the government saying “we’ll let you know.”

If you have questions about this process, this meeting will be a good one to attend. Meeting is free, from noon-to 2pm on Thursday Oct, 8, 2009. See the link above for maps etc.

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