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No reason to vote in Dayton Public School race

Unofficially, Kim A. Johnson did not turn in enough signatures to qualify for the November 5 ballot- leaving 4 candidates for 4 seats.

Hazel Rountree, who has the backing of Ms. Thompson turned in early, and signatures were certified on Aug 5th.

  • Adil T. Baguirov 630 Maryland Ave., Dayton 45404
  • Kim A. Johnson 4536 Kings Hwy., Dayton 45406
  • Joseph E. Lacey 207 E. 6th St. Apt. 305, Dayton 45402 Blog, last updated in 2009 http://joelaceyblog.blogspot.com/
  • Hazel G. Rountree 2530 Archwood St., Dayton 45406
  • Ronald C. Lee 247 E. 2nd St., Dayton 45402

via Uncertified candidates for Dayton School board- 2 open seats [1].

This means 2 new faces on the School board. It means no need to campaign, print campaign materials, put up a site, explain your positions.

It means, democracy isn’t really an option for School board. The big question is- will they allow write-ins? That could make it interesting.

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This does not speak well for Dayton citizenry…


The bigger issue is this: why does Montgomery County need a dozen or so different school boards?  For that matter, why does Ohio need hundreds?

Does anyone know how to administer education?  If so, we don’t need a thousand elected officials to do it.
In those other 48 nations that rank ahead of the USA in educational effectiveness, there is a centralized national public education system.  It works there, why don’t we want to copy it here?

Oh, the old argument about local control?  Like the ones the ignoramuses in Springboro used to promote their religious agenda?

Yeah.  Whatever.  You can be a grade-school dropout and still get elected to Dayton BOE.  Or OHIO  BOE, for that matter.  If the system doesn’t change, we’ll keep getting this quality of choice.

Dave C.

Bad education is a form of child abuse. 
While it might not seem as overtly reprehensible as beating, starving, or sexual abuse, the effect is just as devastating.
Dayton Public Schools have been purveyors of bad education for years, and nobody really cares. A few articles in the paper, a speech or two, some sound bites on local TV, then it’s back to business as usual. 
Do whatever it takes to get your child out of Dayton Public Schools, and into a decent school system. 


“Yeah.  Whatever.  You can be a grade-school dropout and still get elected to Dayton BOE.  Or OHIO  BOE, for that matter. .” – truddick
You can also be a teacher or who is a poor performer year in and year out but as long as you show up to work and don’t do anything illegal you probably won’t be removed from the classroom.  Why is that?  Because for the most part the students and money show up every year regardless of performance….
“Oh, the old argument about local control?  Like the ones the ignoramuses in Springboro used to promote their religious agenda?” – truddick
Ummm yeah.  The parents have fought back most if not all the boards proposals.  That is local control.    Springboro schools are excellent compared to the vast majority of schools in the state.    The parents are engaged, there is vigorous public debate, and a there is a population where most of students can afford to go elsewhere if they want.  All this leads to an increase in accountability. 

Dave C.

Based on OGT test scores, Dayton is ranked 600th out of 642 school systems in Ohio.

[…] That all said Walter J. Hickman Jr, who took out petitions but didn’t turn them in, is now the proverbial fifth wheel running for Dayton Public School Board of Education. He will face incumbents Joe Lacey, Ron Lee, and newcomers Adil T. Baguirov, and Hazel G. Rountree as you learned in this post: No reason to vote in Dayton Public School race […]