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Nan Whaley can’t run for anything because…

The Dayton Daily News actually has Esrati.com scooped- only because Whaley handed it to them on a platter, but the reasoning behind this announcement is the real news:

Democrat Nan Whaley said she will not run for re-election to a third term as Dayton mayor this year, which raises the possibility that she’ll seek statewide office or run for Congress.

“It’s been a great eight years and I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s time for someone else to take my place,” said Whaley in an exclusive interview with the Dayton Daily News.

She declined to say what her next move will be.

Source: Democrat Nan Whaley won’t run for re-election as Dayton mayor [1]

No, she’s not running against Portman, or DeWine, or Turner, she’s announcing now so the Monarchy of Montgomery County can make sure they don’t lose their iron grip on the City Commission- and the labor vote that it controls.

She’s not going to get a job in the Biden administration either. This is what happens when you have worn out your usefulness to the FBI as a confidential informant, struck a plea deal with the FBI and are just waiting for the indictment. The Feds didn’t stop Joey Williams from running and winning, but, once he’d signed his plea deal, and began working as a confidential informant, [2] he eventually had to resign from office- lying about how his new bank job was too demanding. His deal allowed the charges to be delayed long enough so his youngest kid could finish at Stivers.

The other truth is people don’t win 3rd terms as Mayor- Mike Turner didn’t, Rhine McLin didn’t and Whaley wouldn’t have.

Reality, the Dems have to find someone that can beat Gary Leitzell for Mayor, and their best chances are either Matt Joseph running from a “protected seat”- in that he would only give up his commission seat if he wins, or Jeff Mims Jr. running- leaving an open seat which is the more likely scenario.

Wildcards for Mayor: two school board members have outsize egos, only one is a potential winner over Leitzell. Mohamed Al-Hamdani thinks he’s a player, but, his highest aspiration should be Mim’s empty seat, which he would lose- and then he’d also be off the school board if somehow he makes it past the primary. If he runs for Mayor he’s losing both seats. Jocelyn Rhynard could run for either Mim’s seat or for Mayor- and would have decent odds, unless the schools further implode (she votes to continue Lolli’s contract would be her last vote).

Prospective Candidates for Dayton City Commission and Mayor 2021 (last updated 11 Jan 2021)

Right now the Dayton field of candidates that I know about consists of:

Others: (and again- until you’ve turned in 500 approved signatures and properly filled out petitions- you are just a poser).

Petitions are due on Feb 3, Mar 5 2021 – notarized, and signed by the candidate, by that date. The primary, if more than 2 run for Mayor and more than 4 run for the two open commission seats (Mims and Fairchild) is May 4, 2021.

My goal was to switch to a ranked choice vote for these races [6], eliminating the separate race for Mayor and the primary altogether, but it won’t be able to be in effect until 2023 at the earliest. Getting 500 signatures during Covid makes this an even more difficult primary deadline than most.

The real question is if and when the Federal Bureau of Incompetence will choose to drop the other shoe in the “culture of corruption” investigation. Long overdue, the reality is, Williams was one vote of three that are needed to enter into a contract. He didn’t even really take that much money in the grand scheme of a Mat Heck Million dollar bonus system. I believe Williams is banned from running for office for at least 5 years (I’d have to look it up- and don’t have time now) or he’d probably win as Mayor- sad to say- or would easily win his seat back.

If the FBI actually starts handing out indictments again- the bigger question is do they go past the City and hit the County Monarchy as well? If so, Debbie Lieberman, Judy Dodge, Mat Heck, Karl Keith and Russ Joseph could all find themselves out of work along with Nan, Mims, City Manager Shelly Dickstein, some folks at Citywide Development, the Downtown Dayton Partnership and even the Dayton Development Coalition. But, that would assume the FBI could actually do their jobs.

As an aside: Thank you citizens of Georgia for choosing the two democratic senators. It is still my belief that any member of Congress who tries to vote against accepting the Electoral College vote today, should be removed from office and tried for treason. The penalty for treason is death by firing squad. Of course, we never prosecute rich white folks- so I doubt it will happen. You need to be poor, black, unarmed to be judged, declared guilty in seconds before being shot in this country- everyone else, takes 20 years minimum.


11:05am 6 Jan 2021 Less than 20 minutes after this was published- word came to me that Mims picked up petitions to run for Mayor.



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Gary Leitzell

David, they have until March 5th to turn in the petitions. It is a non partisan election.

Tharlene LakesMathis

don’t need democrats running anywhere!!

Mike Bock

Joey Williams pleaded guilty for soliciting and accepting a bribe — in exchange for his helping to award $150,000 in contracts with the city of Dayton. This was a disgraceful breach of trust by an elected official. What Williams did was dispicable, really inexcusable, and I’m sort of amazed, if I am hearing you right, that you are pooh poohing Williams’ criminal acts, when you write: “He (Williams) didn’t even really take that much money, in the grand scheme of a Mat Heck Million dollar bonus system.”

?David, it sounds like you believe that Matt Heck’s end-of-the-year bonuses to his employees was somehow in the same category of behavior as Williams’ — an illegal, criminal and corrupt act. Do you have evidence?

Bubba Jones

There you go again, Bock – How dare you question Esrati about his allegations against Mat Heck! He’s already warned you that you were close to being banned if you kept up this behavior!

You’d better watch out or you’re going to end up out behind woodshed being disciplined with a razor strop!

Don Quixote

More conspiracy theory crap from Dayton’s Q


[…] and was the sole challenger. As the former Mayor, he’d have been a serious challenger. When she announced she wasn’t standing for Re-Election, Mims quickly switched over to the Mayors race. He has also picked his two running mates for […]