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More on Derek Farmer in the DDN

Today almost the entire editorial spread was dedicated to the Derek Farmer speech.

Both sides aired their opinions. They were both strong. None were wrong- they were opinions.

This is what living in a democracy is all about- the freedom to disagree. So we have to thank Ms. Wortham for bringing Mr. Farmer in to speak- and we have to thank Lt. Beane for protesting- it started a discussion. We also have the Mayor to thank for making it a race issue- because that’s something we need to still talk about in Dayton.

These are the kind of strong emotions that get people to act- to write letters to the editor, to talk about the issue over coffee, lunch, or while getting their hair cut. This is what Mike Peters does in his little 3×4″ box on the editorial page this is all good- this is what a good newspaper should do- give us information to form opinions- and a forum to discuss them.

It’s also what this blog should do.

It’s what I was trying to do when I donned the mask at the Dayton City Commission meeting – so long ago…

Please note- while the two sides disagree, no one is rioting in the streets, burning buildings or acting like idiots- like the Muslim extremists who didn’t like the Danish cartoons of Mohammad.

Now the question is- has this changed anything?

What do you think?

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