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Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw playing race cards

I got a mailing from the incumbent team the on Friday, my fellow challenger, Shenise Turner-Sloss got the same thing Wednesday- or is it?

Here’s the one mailed to me in South Park:

Campaign mailer for Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph for white folks of DaytonHere’s the one that was mailed to Shenise Turner-Sloss in Southern Dayton View:

Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw mailer for black people in their Dayton City Commission race [1]Besides the photos changing- apparently black people don’t want more police, and white folks don’t need jobs. Matt is “Endorsed by Dayton Firefighters” on the flip side- while Chris has “Your Endorsed Democrats” on his.

None of their statements are true, but, nothing about these two frauds of commissioners is. Yes, apparently they were endorsed by the Fire Fighters Union- but- guess what, the IAFF never even bothered to talk to either challenger.

And the reason they want you to early vote? Because they know that by the time Nov. 5th 2019 rolls in, they could be locked up by the DOJ and the FBI in the “Culture of Corruption” scandal. Of course, neither of them believe the FBI or the DOJ, they are taking the Trump playbook and using it all the way.

If you don’t want anything to change, vote for these two race baiting chumps. If you want the first honest government in Dayton in decades, vote for David Esrati and Shenise Turner-Sloss.

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Joe Gill

I was with you on this post, until you inject liberal crap, not in the LOCAL level, into the discussion, when you inject our President’s name into this. When not say “the Joey Williams playbook”, as he is a convicted Democrat criminal

Gary Rich

Curbside leaf collection is what unites white and black folks, I guess? You should totally build on that.

[…] The incumbents also get to play around with postage rates- qualifying as a non-profit and using the State Democratic Party rates. This saves about 10 cents per piece. Shenise and I, although we’re both Dems- don’t get to use the non-profit rate. JM2 is responsible for the nearly identical but different mailings that went out to Daytonian’s based on what race they w…. […]