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Let’s start firing folks

You can start with me. I’ve been absolutely horrible about posting the last few weeks. Besides filing for Congress and trying to spin up the campaign for the district without a map, we’re moving my companies server from one datacenter to another- with a major upgrade in speed, storage, and bandwidth. It’s a time consuming process with all kinds of complications.

Fire Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools

First up for firing- which is long overdue: Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools. There are plenty of reasons to end this charade, but, the most important one is that every year she’s been in power, the district seems to lose about a 500+ students. Never mind the massive staff exodus, or the constant turnover in almost every office downtown. The only people who seem to survive like cockroaches after a nuclear blast are Dr. Sheila Burton and the Treasurer- who Lolli has already tried to undermine. Legal bills for the district have skyrocketed- since she jettisoned in house counsel- and because of her inept HR skills, there’s lawsuits galore for HR issues.

Already a leach, retired and collecting a paycheck from the state, this throwback superintendent has spent more, gotten less and delivered nothing other than a higher pay base for her second retirement. Why anyone is allowed to retire and get rehired in the state system is still a mystery to me. It’s time to end this practice and either keep them working- or put them out to pasture. The time is now to hire some forward thinking leadership that can actually respond when the new Connor Private school at Deeds point opens up like a giant sucking sound to enrollment. Time is of the essence. Yes, I have already said over and over who I think the best person is to replace her, but at this point, the damage may be too great. I still believe her goal was to destroy the district so her friends in Charter Schools could come in and sweep up the empty buildings for pennies on the dollar.

Fire Helen Jones-Kelley, Executive Director of ADAMHS

Bombs away on Helen Jones-Kelley, executive director of the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services System for Montgomery County, Ohio. After she got caught looking up the deets on “Joe the Plumber” and allowed to resign semi-gracefully on December 17, 2008, [1] from her sweetheart State job- Director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services she should never have been allowed to work for the government again.

But, that’s not how the Monarchy works in Montgomery County, where if you kiss the right rings, you are forever protected (unless the Feds get involved). Her hubby, Tom brings home plenty of bacon as the Assistant County Administrator for Human Services for Montgomery County [2]. She, got an even sweeter deal with ADAMHS, which is, huh, directly related to her job. Does anyone else sense a problem here? It’s sort of like having Ginny Thomas be another Supreme Court Justice along with her hubby Clarence. Let’s stop with the nepotism and inbreeding already.

Her latest faux pas is a study in incompetence. Tasked with opening up what they call a temporary mental health crisis facility (uh, isn’t that what hospitals are supposed to do) she’s already entered into two real estate deals without doing any of her propers- research, community engagement, etc- which have led to not one, but two doors slammed in her face. First attempt was up on Miller Lane- and the second she wanted to convert the former AAA building at 825 S. Ludlow St. into a new 24/7 protective care facility that provides “stabilization services” for adults in the throes of a mental health or substance abuse crisis. This was part of the new 833 crisis line- that’s being rolled out nationwide. Jones-Kelley hired a firm from out of state, RI International, to run the poorly named “turnkey program” “Crisis Now” [3] – but apparently never asked them about how to navigate the NIMBYism that comes with these facilities.

The crisis now- is that clueless Kelley has failed 2x and still hasn’t learned anything. There has to be someone more competent to take her place.

Fire the Montgomery County Democratic Party Screening Committee

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about or complained about the backroom deals being done by these 40 odd people who think they are entitled to pick judges, candidates, in Montgomery County by their divine right. The whole purpose of primary elections is to expose voters to choices- and to get them to research their choices. It’s an opportunity for candidates to try and fail in their run for public office. It’s not up to the kings and queens of the self-appointed royalty to knight their chosen candidates (who’ve kissed the party ring). I screened in front of the committee as one of 4 dems running on the ballot on May 3 for what may still be known as OH10- to run against Mike Turner for Congress. I told them that they shouldn’t endorse- their job should be to inform every democrat of the wonderful choices they have- and how to decide between these brave souls lining up to get slaughtered in the impossibly Republican Gerrymandered district. Their questionnaire that they promised would be “destroyed” after the meeting- I posted- along with a recording of my speech- on the campaign site- you can read it here: https://electesrati.com/mcdpscreening/ [4]

And, unbelievably- they couldn’t even find the mysterious candidate with two first names- Kirk Benjamin, to attend.

Amazingly, they took my advice and didn’t endorse anyone on Thursday night in their shitshow of a meeting. I taped the first hour (had to go- had to play hockey) and posted it to Youtube:

The first bombshell- a guy who said he’d volunteer to be the executive director for free asked why they were paying someone, considering their treasurers report says they are basically broke.

Then when it comes time to pick 2 candidates for 2 judgeships- when they have 3 candidates- it gets really crazy. God forbid the voters pick a judge. And, remember, once you win as judge in Montgomery County, no one ever challenges you unless you are just totally incompetent (That’s what happened to McGee-Cromartie- when Richard Skelton switched parties to spank her out of office). Dennis Lieberman, deposed former head of the party tries to make an argument to switch candidates up- and points out that in the next few years- we’ll have 15 seats aging out, without explaining why that’s happening. It’s because 35 years ago- or there about was when the deal got negotiated – and everyone got lifetime jobs on the bench.

Lieberman gets shut up by the few elected precinct captains who bothered to show up. All the rest of the spectators in the room- were only missing popcorn for the spectacle.

Needless to say- the best part was watching Mark Owens resign. He can thank me for fixing his microphone…

I could add others to the firing line- like Judge Jim Long in Kettering Municipal Court who still can’t manage to sentence suspended lawyer Aaron Hartley for an assault he was convicted of back in July of last year- but, Long isn’t worth the headline. He needs to be replaced. Yesterday.

As to your favorite citizen journalist- or public enemy number 1- here’s my first spot for Congress put together in a hurry. You’ve got a choice- red pill or blue pill….

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Jerrilyn Scott

Isn’t Eastway funded by ADAMUS(sp)
They bought the building behind me for $460,000 because they needed more parking.

Alan Stanwyk

Endorsing Julie Bruns is gross. Her husband stole over $100,000 and she was either in on it or too dumb to notice; either way that’s disqualifying.


when is there next meeting? can the screening committee be removed? that woman just said there are too many republicans telling us how to live, but there are democrats telling me who to vote for