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Kids get punished for stupid adults: Dunbar BB forfeits playoff game and season ends

Because Dayton Public Schools doesn’t hire professionals, act professionally, follow procedure, pay attention, get the details right, etc. The Dunbar Boys Basketball team just learned that they had to forfeit their win on Monday Feb 26th in the tournament vs. Thurgood Marshall- giving Thurgood a  shot to the division II playoff game against Bishop Fenwick on Sunday March 4th at UD Arena.

Apparently the Ohio High School Athletic Association, who still is keeping a close eye on the district after the Dunbar/Belmont thrown game fiasco, got wind that players who were involved in the brawl at the Thurgood/Dunbar game a while back- weren’t punished, the school gets punished now.

Why does District Athletic Director Mark Baker still have a job? Why was it a good decision to unceremoniously remove Pete Pullen, one of the winning-est coaches in Ohio High School Basketball history to replace him with rookie Chuck Taylor?

At what point will the people who make these command decisions- the Superintendent and the Board, be held accountable?

Because this isn’t good for the kids. It’s not all about the kids. It’s just a string of failures to which there is no end in sight.

It’s time to cut losses. You now have a fireable offense to use to terminate Mark Baker’s contract. You have reason to fire Chuck Taylor. You have a reason to fire Dunbar Principal Crystal Phillips- after all, this is her second failure to implement policy. But then what? The people downtown STILL don’t seem to understand what it takes to run a school district.

In other district news, former treasurer Craig Jones won his appeal on his case against the district on wrongful termination. The thing that caught them was their failure to properly follow the Sunshine laws for notification of their impending planned action in executive session. The board hired the same lawyer as they have on my sunshine case, Brian Wildermuth of Subashi & Wildermuth. He’ll soon have another loss on his hands.

Maybe they need a better lawyer too, in addition to a Superintendent, Athletic Director, Principal at Dunbar, Basketball Coach at Dunbar…. the list goes on.

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David Johns

You speak of the superintendent like you know her. I would bet you know very little about her, her intentions, or her contributions to the district. It’s very easy for you to continue to sew fear into people who are observing the situation. You are not a credible news source, your a one disgruntled man running a blog that, for all intents and purposes, is highly slanted, highly editorialized and serves the purpose of inflating your already overinflated ego. I suggest you ask yourself if you are part of the solution, or the problem. No one sees you making legitimate suggestions or starting discussions. You’re just wasting tax payer money buy suing the district and the city. I assume that should you win you’ll be donating the proceeds back to the city and district, right? Perhaps you could run for office? Or if you have, why haven’t you been nominated or elected? To me, in my humble opinion, you are a nothing more than a nuisance. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Thank you! Thank you, Esrati for continuing to shine the flashlight on the abject failure of DPS to follow procedure and law. Although I am acquaintances with some of the individuals you are asking to be removed from their positions, I have to stand with the children. DPS must run a tighter, more professional ship in all areas if they have any hope in turning this ship around.

Dave C

David E. performs a great service to Dayton by illuminating the many, many problems at DPS.

Keep up the good work, Dave!


I would like to say that situations such as this are aberrations, but they are not. I was an employee of the district for around 8 years and I personally witnessed situations such as this several times. Not all of them dealt with athletics- but poor decision making by people in charge. It’s not fair to the kids who put in the work. And now the district is wasting taxpayer money trying to ramrod a lawsuit that is just a cover-up for incompetent individuals that failed to carry out their duties properly. This really sends the wrong message to our youth who deserve much better. Unfortunately, these things will continue to go on until there is a complete house cleaning of all of the district’s top administrators. I hate to paint everyone with the same brush but the incompetence runs that deeply.