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Kasich appoints A.J. Wagner to State School Board

Just in:

A.J. Wagner of Dayton (Montgomery Co.) has been appointed to represent District 3 on the State Board of Education. He will assume the seat on August 4, 2014, and must run in November 2014 to retain the seat for the unexpired term ending December 31, 2017. Wagner is replacing Jeffery J. Mims, Jr., who resigned.

The State School Board is woefully short on people who have common sense and really care about our kids. A.J. will be a good addition.

As far as I know, there were no other candidates running in the November election.

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It’s a wash; Mims is also a pretty sharp guy who knows a thing or three. The real question is when will the state BOE be reduced to a competent size (it has what, 19 members?) and when will they all recognize the responsibility to adhere to the letter of Ohio’s constitution, to wit, “…a thorough and efficient system of common schools throughout the state…” NOT multiple systems of spacial-interest schools. NOT for-profit charters. NOT fake online academies.