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A new blog to watch in Dayton, from the man Ellen Belcher loves to hate more than me: Mike Robinette, former director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and community activist.

One of his first posts was about what he overheard at the Oakwood club before the debate last night:

Sitting at the bar having my before dinner drink I am sitting across the bar from five older (upper-class) white folks having a drink of their own.

The only lady of the five some asks if anyone plans to watch the presidential debate tonight. One elderly man next to her says, “why would I watch the debate I am not voting for that black bastard!”

A real life example that education and income DO NOT relieve ignorance.

“I am not voting for that black bastard!” | mikerobinette.com [1].

If you liked the old Dayton Politics site, you’ll probably like this.

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I see Robinette picked up on that Quinn-Wiseman race. I noticed a car with a Liberals for Quinn bumper sticker the other day…things that make you go “hmmm”.


I think it is funny that one of your TAGS is “racism in Oakwood.” This A-hole could live in South Park for all we know – and M.Robinette is assuming he is rich and educated (and from Oakwood.)

There are MORE racists in Dayton than any suburb. Many white people in Dayton hate blacks, THEY TELL ME SO, so pipe down with this attitude that people in Dayton are so forward thinking. It is just not true. And, of course, many blacks hate whites. This is not right but it exists in MANY places including Dayton. I hope the Libby Libs get off their…………trip, fall, OH NO, you broke your jaw. Too bad. This pertains to those who see it the way M Robinette sees it.

Go Bob Barr!


I gotta agree with Gene. I’ve been renting in the Oregon District for a few years and have gotten to know many renters here in their 20s and 30s. I’ve heard about half of them utter the N word and make other explicitly racist comments. Racism is a problem in this entire region, unfortunately.

J.R. Locke

And most of the west side hate white people too. Racism is everywhere and the fact that we acknowledge white bastards and black bastards just goes to show that racism and prejudice is everywhere…..the only question when it comes to racism is who has the power to discriminate?


“And most of the west side hate white people too.”

I’ve been living on the West Side off and on for a year. Do most of the people over here hate me? I surely doubt it. I lived in a black suburb of Boston for two years, never a problem. When I had an emergency here last week, my neighbors came out to help me. I live around the corner from a soup kitchen and other than having my newspaper swiped occasionally, no one has so much as looked cross-wise at any of us. Every day people greet me on the street in this neighborhood. Total strangers nod and smile and wave. Does it happen on the East side? No.

J.R. Locke

A bit of sarcasm in my post Larkin. Racism is however in all parts society but there is a focus on a certain type of racism i.e. elite white racism, which often doesn’t give a full picture to how prejudice our society is.

Most of the situations I have been the lone honkey amongst a group of different folk I learned just how much race plays into not only white folks view on life. Racism is everywhere, how much of it is hate is probably the real question.

On E Third St. down the road from me was a white family with the stars and bars flying. Across the road and African American family woke up to see that flag every morning.

Race has no biological validity….


I lived on the West Side for 31 years – and I can’t stand white people.

So, there ya go.

Greg Hunter

I would log in and comment, but hey I am here. Sure there is deep seated racism and I think it is more pervasive in the white community. I am in bars and the conversation is inherently that America cannot have a black President. I am not defending the black community, because they are electing Rhine, whom, David rightfully calls out is laughed at as a leader.

This region is swirling down the toilet and we are arguing about the music and the deck chair arrangement on the Titanic.

Look in the mirror, we are getting the leadership we deserve.

J.R. Locke

Pessimistic much Mr. Hunter. I don’t think the region is going in the toilet we just built a new mall!!!


The best thing about old racists (black or white) in this country is that they’ll all be dead soon.