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Issue 3 bans fish frys.

The “brilliant minds” at the Dayton Daily News editorial board once again came out against gambling, which is the right thing to do if it’s a constitutional amendment that guarantees a monopoly to the people who wrote the bill:

It is a constitutional amendment that would allow one casino in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo. The proposal was written by and for the very developers who would own the casinos, down to the details of what tax rates they’d pay.

Wouldn’t you love to decide your own taxes?

Not shockingly, the deal is sweet. The casinos would pay 33 percent of gross revenue in taxes. Pennsylvania’s rate is 55 percent; Illinois’ is 50 percent; Indiana’s, 35 percent; Michigan’s is 19 percent.

The casinos would also pay one-time $50 million license fees, but other states have charged $250 million to $500 million.

The self-dealing isn’t just brazen; it’s shameless.

Two outfits stand to gain under the amendment:

Penn National Gaming and Dan Gilbert, who owns the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In other states, gaming businesses have had to compete by submitting bids to operate casinos. Penn National’s and Mr. Gilbert’s plan is to award themselves a monopoly and skip any competition.

via Editorial: Issue 3 is a stacked deck; casinos set own taxes | A Matter of Opinion [1].

What the chuckleheads missed is that it also bans any kind of gambling at fish frys to support your church.

Require that casino gaming be conducted only by authorized casino operators o f these four casino facilities or by licensed management companies retained by such casino operators.

via http://www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/upload/ballotboard/2009/3-text.pdf [2]

The amendment is so specific that it actually turns real estate parcels into part of the State Constitution- with the sites for each casino listed. It makes our collection rates tied to surrounding states as well- which is like saying if your neighbor sells his house, you have to. And just like the Wayne and Wyoming Kroger deal, there is no requirement for performance by the Casino operators- they aren’t required to build any of the casinos at all- and if they don’t, no money comes to us, and no one else can build a casino in Ohio.

So, even though the Dayton Daily News editorial board actually got it right- they didn’t warn you of the real dangers lurking in this incredibly bad deal for Ohio citizens. Of course, these are the idiots who also endorsed keeping the same people on the Dayton City Commission even though they’ve failed you miserably.

I urge you to tell all your friends, vote no on Issue 3 because it’s not just bad, it’s a “strangely bad” idea- and the DDN editors didn’t even scratch the surface of why.

Thanks to PizzaBill for tipping me off to this. Stop in and buy a pizza [3] from him for teeing this up for me.

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It incredible that the proposed ammendment will, by it’s very wording, ban “Las Vegas” or “Monte Carlo” type fundraisers for churches, civic organizations, little league teams, etc. The only things exempt are bingo, hore racing and the lottery. (Yes I noticed the typo, but it seems to fit).

I hope everyone does their homework on Issue 3.  Really,…how much of your freedom and your community’s freedom do you want restricted?

Todd Hollst

I’m not sure the assertion that Issue 3 bans church fish frys is correct.  If you read the last line in that section it states  “Provide that nothing in the Amendment shall restrict or in any way limil loneries authorized under Section 6(A) of Article XV of the Ohio Constitution or bingo authorized under Secrion 6(B) of Article XV of the Ohio Constitution.” 
Perhaps, though I’m not certain, church fish frys may be exempted by this provision.  I agree, however, if this proposed Amendment bans fish frys it should be defeated.


Forget the fish fries.  This amendment is a sack of manure.  There should be no provisions in any constitution that create a monopoly for any corporation.

Once again we see the lack of vision and leadership in our state legislature, which continues to shirk its duties while expecting all of us to do our own governing.  They should have seen this coming and created their own constitutional amendment, forming a state gaming commission that could force competition in the industry, set taxes and fees at rates comparable to other states, and yes, even preserve blackjack at that fish fry.

Robert Vigh

Why do you think that the underlying issue of principle never comes up in these articles? It never gets talked about that this is Mercantilism. We are willing to award a format which provides financial gain based on someones ability to modify a legal document as opposed to their performance in the market. The state supports this pursuit because of the premium tax it would get to chagre. This issue is small element to the destruction of freedom, encouraging statism and anti-capitalist pursuits. I love Casino’s and I would like to have some in Ohio. But I will never vote for an issue like this, because I do not believe in rewarding Mercantilism ever. Ohio should make gambling legal or not. Let whomever wants to build a casino buy the land, construct the building and have at it.

It is wrong of the state to even put something of such a Protectionist nature on the docket to be voted on. Capitalism good, Mercanitilism/Protectionism bad.  


I passed this on to friends in the ASA & USSSA leagues here in Dayton.  Do you know how many softball teams rely on fish frys to pay for  tournaments and supplies?