Is it still an election if nobody votes?

Yesterday, Dayton held a stupid primary to cut the number of choices from 6 to 4, because voters can’t be trusted to rank their choices from 1-6.

It cost a lot of money for a whopping 5,150 or so people to vote out of about 90,000.

  1. Matt Joseph 3,112
  2. Chris Shaw 2,758
  3. Valerie Duncan 1,336 1
  4. Marcus Bedinger 1,173
  5. Jordan Wortham 978
  6. David Esrati 943

The party must have been worried- they sent out at least 3 mailers, they had people at polling stations, and they even ran Facebook ads. I’d have been more impressed with their efforts if the people accosting voters at the polls were also asking for signatures for the reproductive rights amendment- but, that doesn’t keep the friends and family operation in business (and Matt Joseph is pro-fetus).

Joseph and Shaw are critical for them to maintain their grip on the “Culture of Corruption” in City Hall.

I apologize for running such a failure of a campaign.

I got in the race late, after having to battle to get on the ballot.

And, then, 4.5 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. A1c of 8.8 and fasting glucose of 200, after swimming. Under 6.0 and under 100 is non-diabetic.

Not good.

I immediately went on a keto diet, eliminating all sugars and carbs. I started taking walks after meals. I started Metformin.

On 3/7 I weighed 227 today I weigh 214. My estimated A1C is now 5.6.

It’s a huge change- and your body, which is used to much higher levels of sugars, takes it out on you. You feel tired – and as your sugars fluctuate, so does the way you feel. The first time my blood sugar hit 102, my body was wracked with chills- to the point I was shaking so hard, my friend, the veteran I take care of (who shakes from his meds) was scared and wanted to take me to the ER. A glass of lemonade did nothing (it was all I had) and the first bread I’d had with some meat and cheese finally got them to stop an hour later. I didn’t sleep much that night.

I didn’t make it to neighborhood meetings, I didn’t get my site up and running, I didn’t go door to door, and I didn’t fund raise. All I was able to do was get my big signs out, and put together a single video that got posted too late.

I failed my city. I’m sorry.

Along the way, I did manage to do some background checks on the candidates, something the media failed to do. I even slipped the info to the paper and all three stations- nada. I decided not to release it, after watching Ted Lasso not respond to Coach Nate in episode 1 season 3. So, I also failed you as a journalist.

There have been two alternate storylines crashing the last few weeks in my life. About a year ago, I also became POA for my friends brother, who is also mentally ill. He’d been in jail since December of 2021 after a mania that had him committing crimes in 3 states and 5 jurisdictions. It took over 15 months for the State to get him into Twin Valley Behavioral health for a “restoration of competency” which completed about 3 weeks ago.

He was released from jail, after some deft legal maneuvers by his attorneys in Maryland and Dayton, and a plea deal by the Franklin County Public Defender. Slight problem, he was released without either psych meds or a prescription for them. This kicked off about 16 hours of advocating strongly to get the Franklin County Jail’s medical contractor to do their job. Finally, I must have scared someone, because by 3pm on Saturday, we had the meds and the nurse was calling back at 4 to make sure I was “satisfied.”

The other story line, 35.5 years in the making, involves the kid who I’ve been a big brother to since he was 10. He’s been living with me off and on for the last 2 years, where I’ve tried to provide stability and security for him. Starting in December, he too, started cycling into his mental illness- paranoia, accusing me of being the cause of all his problems. The list is long, and just as far fetched. Here’s one of the most recent examples.

One Saturday around 1pm he came down to the living room and accused me of shooting some kind of sonic weapon into his room while he was sleeping. I asked him three questions:

  1. What is this thing called?
  2. Where would I get one?
  3. What’s it supposed to do, and would it expedite your leaving here?

He walked away, contemplating his hypothesis.

He was supposed to be out Friday, then yesterday, and now today. It has to be today. And it has to be final. Until he seeks treatment for his psychoses, I can’t be around him or even in contact with him.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and looking for the reasons for the onset now (besides being overweight and genetically per-disposed to get it) a few factors weighed in: Stress and having Covid- both of which he contributed greatly to my risk factor mix.

I can’t discount the fact that in the last 3 years I’ve had 5 surgeries (3 hockey related) and found and lost the best relationship of my life (apparently a co-worker had more mojo than me). Business through Covid has been difficult too.

I’ve taken on a lot for this community- lamb to the slaughter vs Turner, the FOIA case to get to the bottom of the Culture of Corruption (still pending) and, taking care of my friends.

For the next few weeks- I need to take care of me, and regroup. Hopefully, in another 3 months I’ll have my weight around 200, and my blood sugars consistently lower, and had some time to refocus.

I’d like to thank all 943 of you who did vote for me. And, to thank those who didn’t vote for the “culture of corruption” twins, Matt Shaw and Chris Joseph- or whatever their names are.

Next time, Dayton, please consider the stupidity of having so few people narrow a field. There were more signatures collected in this race than there were voters if you add in Jo Love’s rejected petitions. There has to be a better way.

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