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In one week, my life changes

I’ve been busy. Very busy. Hence, a few fewer posts, and a lot of really late nights at the office.

Plus a lot of work preparing for the life change. Next week, Dayton gains 2 residents, Steve and Nina, my parents. There will be two Esratis in the phone book for the very first time (that is if you still use a phone book). I left home at 18, first to move to Atlanta, and then to go into the Army. Other than 2 months at home before I moved to Dayton to attend WSU, we’ve been apart.

I’ve talked to my parents almost every day, or e-mailed. My father is online from dawn till dusk, writing, staying connected to his friends all over the globe. Mom finally picked up the bug a few years ago- and I’m not sure she doesn’t e-mail him to call him to dinner, even though they are right next to each other.

I’m an only child. My father was an only child. My mother’s sister died about 10 years ago and lived in Europe, so this is the extent of my family. We’ll all be living in South Park, with them across the street in one of the two cottages I rehabbed over 10 years ago- with this day in mind. I’m lucky, to have my home, my office and my parents all on one block. It’ll make it easier to be there for me in their last act, as they were there for me in my opening act.

What’s even more important to me, is how many of my friends have been looking forward to having my parents around. I’ve got great friends. I’ve got great parents. I live in a great community, where it is possible to pull this off. All the times people have asked me why I didn’t leave Dayton- to go work in advertising in NYC, Minneapolis, Portland, Boston, Chicago or LA- it’s because I knew this day would come, and I’ve looked forward to it ever since I left home so many years ago.

My parents taught me to be curious, ask questions, think and contribute something meaningful to the world. I’m not quite sure how or why- but, it’s been the gift of a lifetime.

There has been one other amazing gift in my life from my father- the book “Dear Son” [1]– which was written to me sometime around 1969. It was a guide on what to do with my citizenship when I turned 18, if we were still living in Canada- which didn’t turn out to be the case. I’ve posted the bppl on this site for you to download and read for free- it’s an amazing retrospective of America from the eyes of an immigrant, political philosopher. I highly recommend it.

I can’t thank a few people enough for the help I’ve received getting the cottage ready: David M. for saving by butt in a pinch, Eric, Teresa, Melissa, Bob and Steve Thade of Thade Construction (if you need any work done, call them, 937-256-5290), Howard Rambo (Rambo’s plumbing- 937-220-9100), the paint pros at Miller Brothers on Wilmington Pike, Booher Carpert, and esp. to Larkin who suggested Odaban to get rid of the smell of dog pee from my old tenant.

I can’t think of anything that could make me happier than them pulling up with the moving van.

I’m a very lucky man.

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Teri Lussier

Beautiful, David.

Welcome to Dayton, Mom and Dad!


Thank you, David. Your mother and I are looking forward to joining you in Dayton.

Mike Bock

What a great story.  I look forward to meeting you Mom and Dad sometime.

David Lauri

Very classy.

(And strategic too.  Two more votes in time for November! ;) )


Your life changes for the better……….


What great additions to the neighborhood!  I’m sorry we’re no longer there to greet the new neighbors – welcome them to South Park for us!

Ice Bandit

Ode to the elder Esratis:

Salutations to thee ma and pa Esrati.
You’ll find Daytonians loud and haughty.
And if you find us far too  naughty,
it’s an hours drive to Cincinnauty……..


Thank you, Ice Bandit.
Remember, we’re not new to Dayton. David was born in Celina and Dayton used to be out cultural oasis.

Jim Crotty

With loving and supportive parents, a person is capable of accomplishing anything he or she sets his or her mind to. Your parents should be very proud, David. Your life is a testimony to the freedom and respect that can only come from living one’s life to the fullest and on his own terms.

I’ve learned the hard way not to take the parent/child relationship for granted. There is no more important job than being an actively involved parent who presents a positive influence and example to live by.


David…cherish every minute of every day your parents are close..!


David, a lovely piece just in time for Father’s Day. A warm welcome to your mother and father. 

David E. Bowman


Thrilled that your folks are moving so close to you.  I know how much they mean to you.  My parents just moved up the street from us last month, and it has been great.  There truly is no substitute for family.


Welcome, Esratis! I can attest first-hand to the freshness of the paint job in your new abode! ;-)  Srsly, it’s a beautiful lil house and will be much richer for having the both of you occupy it.


David & Mom and Dad,
How wonderful!   Families living close together is something that isn’t very common these days.   Enjoy.


David, this is great.  Now when you act up, I can go find your parents to tell on you!  “Mom & Dad” welcome to South Park and back to Dayton.   You’ll be living just a couple of doors down from the last home my great grandmother lived in.

Neutral Zone

Won’t the parental units be so proud – now they can have front row seats the next time you get ejected from a City Commission meeting due to illogical & maniacal behavior.

You make yourself seem so “normal” online, David….
 How about a few public appearances between now and November? And yes, there are citizens who live outside of South Park.


South Park is the most important area in Dayton…… just ask anyone who lives there. They will tell you they are the most progressive neighborhood in Dayton, heck, maybe the whole USofA.

David Lauri

LOL, the courts who ruled in your favor, David E, were just exercising wild judicial activism.  Just because judges on a court say someone or some group is entitled to rights doesn’t mean squat, or at least it doesn’t to a lot of people.


Good…maybe your parents can convince you to stop working so hard and take a break every 15 hours or so!  Glad to hear it!