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I will not forget SGM North E. Woodall. 4 years unsolved murder

July 29 came and passed this year- and I forgot to write a post [1]. This is to make up for it.

SGM Woodall was murdered in the city of Dayton. The 2009 front page story from the Dayton Daily News still hangs right behind my monitor, over my desk. Headline, “Veteran of 3 wars, dies in home invasion.”

He served in the US Army Special Forces. This was no ordinary man. The murder is still unsolved. There is a rather sizable reward offered for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of his killers offered by an SF fraternal group.

There are other unsolved murders in Dayton, like Dayton Police officer Kenneth Brame, who was killed over 11 years ago. I know solving crimes isn’t as easy as it seems on CSI- but, the real question is has Dayton cut our police department to the bone and allowed more of these cases to go unsolved?

Please take a few minutes- and click the link above- and read the other posts.

And, let’s hope someone steps up to claim the reward money soon.

SGM Woodall deserves justice. I won’t forget him, and I hope you won’t either.


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