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Firing Generals and special primary elections

The upcoming primary is going to be totally different than most elections in that voters in Clinton, Highland and Montgomery Counties will end up voting in central locations- the fraction of Warren County that is in OH-3, will go to their regular voting locations. So the three counties are sending letters to all voters to notify them of their new polling places and offering them an option to vote by mail.

Now- I’ve had a call from a few Republicans wondering why they are getting notified. The reason? You are free at any primary to switch parties- all you’ll have to do is sign a “loyalty pledge”- form 10z, and until the next primary- you will be a Democrat. Or- if you decide you’ve had it with our 2 party system- you can start asking for an “issues only ballot” at the next primary and become an “independent.” Warning- if you ever plan on running for office as an independent- you’ll need a ton more signatures to get on the ballot- read this post [1] to find out more.

That being said, Greg offers a tip to buy the best bicycle you can afford (because of course, we’ll all be riding bicycles eventually when gas prices finally go up to where they are in other parts of the world).

Out main discussion is about the firing of General Stanley McChrystal [2]by the President for comments in Rolling Stone Magazine. It’s good to see that there are still some publications stirring the pot and generating news that exposes the failings of our system. The reality is, if we aren’t out of both Iraq and Afghanistan by the time we next vote for president, there should be a firing of our President by the voters. Campaign promises should be kept.

Before you watch- I don’t endorse Mr. Hunter’s choice of words about Senator McCain- and Ms. Palin. This edition should carry an R rating thanks to Hunter’s remarks. But- that’s unblemished citizen journalism for you.

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David Lauri

I believe that retirement from a staff position means retirement- it should be illegal for staff officers to continue working on government projects as civilians- unless they give up all retirement pay and benefits.
I only agree in part with what you say, David E.  The part I agree with is that the government shouldn’t be able to re-hire McChrystal without his government pension being put on hold during any further service to the government.
Otherwise, General McChrystal served in the Army for 33 years and 7 months.  He’s earned his retirement from the Army.  What he chooses to do in the private sector afterwards is his business.

Ice Bandit

Before being promoted to Mother Superior, the Old Bandito’s aunt Sister Gertrude was the master of two skills; wielding the three sided carpenter’s yardstick and the now forgotten discipline of Latin. Facing the blackboard conjugating an irregular verb, she would nevertheless take a step back and with ninja-like stealth and speed, crack the knuckles of an offending note passer or face maker without missing a syllable. So it was an atmosphere where one was afraid to not learn the language of Caesar, Vergil or Scipio Africanus, and much of this vocabulary lingers with the Old Bandito to this day. And one of the phrases that Sister Gertrude was most fond of (besides castra astra, numen lumen, literally, the stars are my camp and God is my light) was the phrase “ex post facto.” Indeed, this phrase meaning “after the fact” is enshrined, as a restriction to govenment,  in the Constitution. And there is a similar codicil with contracts. David Lauri is correct, unless that was the rule when the General entered West Point it should not be a restriction to the employment of him or others now……