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Final sales tax public hearing today 1:30 pm

For the second time in a week, the Dayton Day-Old News selectively quoted me at the first sales tax hearing. All they managed to get out of my presentation was that the sales tax was regressive, hurting those with the smallest incomes the most.

What they left out was the majority of my speech- where I pointed out that Montgomery County has WAY too many governments- all adding to overhead. Watch the video:

For those of you who would rather read- here’s the text:

A sales tax increase hurts the working poor much more than any other tax you could impose. They don’t have the option of leaving the county to save, or to order online from retailers that don’t charge tax. It takes up a larger percentage of their disposable income, since other than food, rent and energy, this tax applies.

Montgomery County is already one of the highest taxed counties in the state by the time we finish paying for Health and Human Services’ two levies, Sinclair’s two levies,  Metroparks levy, the Library Levy, school levies, and anything else- like a street light assessment in Dayton.

When you look at the cost to business to try to keep up with the different income tax rates for all 28 jurisdictions in this county- you can call that a tax as well. The overhead of having too many chiefs for a declining number of Indians.

In the meantime- Warren County- is the fastest growing county. Their taxes are lower. And, they even get a Sinclair campus with no tax levy. Go figure.

But, the real tax that nobody wants to talk about is the politician tax. We have way too many politicians in Montgomery County. That’s because we allow almost anybody with a back 40 to become a city. The City of Moraine. 6000 people. And they have to pay for a mayor and commission, and a city manager- for $145,000.

That works out to $25 per person per year to pay for a guy who’s job it is to do exactly the same thing the County Administrator does.

The list goes on. Why does Jefferson Township have a school district, with a superintendent and a treasurer when all their students total 315? If we used that formula for Dayton, we’d have 41 superintendents.

And for another example, why do we have a Vandalia, Miamisburg, Kettering, Oakwood, Dayton and county municipal courts- with a website for each- none of which allows basic online filing? Hint, Franklin County has just one site- and one municipal court system.

No, raising taxes isn’t the answer anymore. It makes us uncompetitive.

Just like all of little fiefdoms add to our overhead – and don’t add much back.

With every less police chief- we could have two or more sheriff’s deputies on the streets.

With every less “City Manager” we could have more money for paving and sweeping streets.

With every less Court website we might have a single one that actually works.

If you are to be leaders, you need to come up with a better answer than just hiking another tax.

It’s time to hike some of these banana republics out of business- and have logical rational leadership with lower overhead and better management skills.

At ReconstructingDayton.org [1] we’ve begun working on the data sets and metrics to show Montgomery County Voters how much all of you politicians are costing them. Not only in pay per person they rule, but in how much payola per elected official it takes to get elected in Montgomery county so you can continue to raise our taxes to pay for all of you.

When voters see how much all these fiefdoms cost, maybe they will wake up and it will be time to slim down our governments instead of our wallets.

Thank you.

In between last week and this week, the supreme court issued a mandate for all online retailers to have to collect sales tax, regardless of if they have a presence in the state [2]. And while some say “Amazon already does this”- it’s not entirely true- since Amazon also manages some sales for other retailers, who don’t have to charge sales tax- this will make ALL orders subject to the tax.

Maybe the Commissioners should consider their new windfall, and delay this tax. I’ve already heard there are people ready to gather 15,ooo signatures to put this vote on the November ballot. I’ll be helping them.

It’s time to bring some sanity to our tax structures in Montgomery County- watch this page on Reconstructing Dayton [3] for more data on the breakdowns of cost per person for our elected officials, etc.  BTW- thanks to those of you who donated to help our cause last week. We’re a 501(c)(4) non-profit so you can donate, support a cause, and not have your name reported (just like the national PACs do it).

To say that YouthWorks, Pre-school promise (which is only in Kettering and Dayton right now) and the corporate welfare ED/GE program are critical to a functioning county government is an insult to the taxpayers, who have also been told that two Sinclair levies, two Health and Human Services levies, a Metroparks levy and a Library levy are also critical.

In today’s paper they even mentioned supporting the arts. How will the 25% of Montgomery County residents who are living in poverty, supposed to afford a ticket to the philharmonic before you increase the sales tax?

I can’t be there to speak today (I’ll be in court trying to get justice for a Service Disabled Veteran), so I’ll be sending a proxy.

If you want to go, it’s on the 10th floor of the County Administration building, 451 W. 3rd St. Dayton. Enter the parking garage from 2nd Street, and ask for your parking to be validated by the county commission. They shouldn’t be able to charge parking for a meeting. Festivities start at 1:30/


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Bubba Jones

You have a few errors on your “Fact Sheet” on the Reconstructing Dayton site…

Your “Bath Township” link points to the Bath Township in Summit County. But, I’m not even sure why you’re listing Bath Township anyway – there isn’t one in Montgomery County. It’s in Greene County. In my quick review of your list, there are no other non-Montgomery County “fiefdoms” listed.

Not sure where you got the data for Miami Township. The names for the Board President and Fiscal Officer are wrong.

When I have more time, I will peruse the list a little more closely to see what else jumps out.

David Johns

He doesn’t actually fact check anything. He spouts off his opinion-stated-as-fact and then self righteously tells those that ask for citations to do his legwork, because that’s not his job. More reason why he is “not media”.

Thank you Bubba, for bringing these, and presumably many more errors, to the forefront!

Dave C

Ban David Johns. He’s a troll.

Bubba Jones

“David Johns” – I’ve known Esrati for a little over 30 years. I’ve disagreed with 98.73% of everything he’s said/written during that time. But I can tell you that he does his absolute best to fact check everything he can. But in between making a living, taking care of his home and rental properties, taking great care of his aging parents, advocating for several disabled Military Veterans AND writing this blog I would say he does a pretty good job getting most “facts” right. Just about any time I’ve felt the need to check on anything he’s written here, it’s been correct. He often backs it up with scanned documents or links back to his sources. You’ve been posting “responses” here for several months now. (I put “responses” in quotes since it’s really hard to consider the drivel you spew as a quality response.) You’ve done nothing but criticize, name call, etc. – all without offering anything substantial to the conversation. Just continually posting “David Esrati is an idiot and a liar” (paraphrasing, not quoting) does nothing but show everyone what an asshat you really are. I’m hoping that you’re really smarter than you have appeared so far and that you offer something substantive to the conversation in the future. ===================== “Dave C” – No ban hammers will be used at Esrati.com. One thing I’ll say for Esrati – he’s a firm believer in free speech – even from asshats! :) ===================== “Ice Bandit” – You need to weigh in on this conversation! Where the heck have you been?!?! ===================== Esrati – All I can say is “Dumb Interns!” LOL! Doing away with all of the local governments in Montgomery County will never happen – at least not in my lifetime. It’s not just the locally elected power hungry politicians that will fight it – it’s the residents. The only ones that MIGHT want it are going to be in the City of Dayton. I think you’ll find that a majority of the residents in the suburbs (Oakwood, Centerville, Kettering, etc.) will fight it. Why would they want to be… Read more »