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Dayton School Board doesn’t automatically renew contracts

Starting on Feb. 4, Esrati.com readers have known my position on the Superintendent. [1] And on Saturday, Feb 20, I suggested a plan of action [2] for the school board.

Last night, it became official- the contracts weren’t going to be automatically renewed, and there will be negotiations:

Dayton’s school board decided Tuesday night not to renew the existing contracts of Superintendent Lori Ward and Treasurer Craig Jones for next school year, but they left open the possibility of bringing them back under new terms.

School board President Adil Baguirov called the vote just “a procedural step” that can begin a negotiating process. Asked whether the board would try to bring back both Ward and Jones, Baguirov said, “We can’t comment on that.”

Source: DPS superintendent’s contract not renewed [3]

Ward calls it “just business” – but, it’s more than that.

We will see what happens. My prediction is that the Treasurer isn’t rehired, and that if Ward does come back it’s on a 1-year contract (for which there is really no need to sign a contract) because the school board is too chicken to fire her. Anything less than a 3-year gives her a hint to start looking for another job.

Considering that the state will make her job disappear in 2 if she continues with her next two years following the course of the last 6, why bother?

For Dayton Public it’s fourth and 1, with 1 play left- and 98 yards to go-

time for a Hail Mary.


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As I noted on FB, 4th and 1 with 98 yards to go is not possible in American football. Where’d you learn math–DPS?

Jerrilyn scott

I like Lori Ward personally. I don’t know if anyone can overcome the nepotism and cronyism. The personnel department, the accounting department. Fixed assets, those who order textbooks. The famous purchasing of new math textbooks. The book rep said he was told DPS had graphing calculators. They didn’t. I’ve worked as a teacher and a financial person with these departments. DPS does not want competent people because they will find out what everybody is doing. The illegal things they do outrageous. Clean house from the bottom up.

Auston Hensley

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that Dayton Public Schools ranked dead last – out of 620 school districts in all of Ohio.

But, their score of 62 was good enough for a D – because nobody gets an F.



As A. J. Wagner admitted, the state report cards are meaningless since the test data is invalid, unreliable, and overall a total waste of time and money. Until the state decides to disqualify politicians and amateurs from administering education, we’ll keep getting the same kind of motion instead of action.

And David–if you don’t think a turnaround is possible, why do you seem to care so much? Shall we invoke Jude the Apostle, patron saint of lost causes?