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Dayton Daily News endorses business as usual: Whaley and Williams

As usual, the Dayton Daily News, in an endorsement not available yet online, I posted it here [1]. endorses the same old thing. They focused on my “strange idea” of making regional assets a regional asset- as one of the tools to get regionalism going. I guess they don’t understand that to gain power, you have to give it up.

Without giving the editorial board more space than they are due- they have their own paper to do that- I particularly love their rationale for keeping things the same: “the city commission race hasn’t generated much action. That’s partly because a lot of people who might put together a strong candidacy have left for the suburbs.” Maybe that’s because people lost faith in a city represented by people like Nan Whaley who’ve not done anything but be a Democratic Party puppet since arriving in Dayton to attend UD. How do you feel being called un-worthy of a part-time job filled by the “qualified” Rhine McLin or Nan Whaley.

No mention of anything in my plan [2]– something the other candidates failed to produce, much about personality. If you’ve ever met either Martin Gottlieb or Ellen Belcher (whose husband is another faithful Montgomery County Democrat- Dennis Langer) you’d know that their attacks on personality come from their complete lack of.

We haven’t had a strong City Manager in office since Rick Helwig. Yet, they seem to think Rashad Young was in charge. Maybe that’s why conversations overheard in coffee shops between local power broker Paul Woodie (formerly with the City) and UD’s Richard Stock are about how a charter change to bring a strong Mayor form of government will be introduced after Rhine’s (automatic) re-election and she’ll step aside.

This city and its newspaper move in mysterious ways. Normally, if the current team is doing such a bad job that no one else wants to even live here, it’s time to change the team. Not so in Dayton. Not a single mention of my qualifications as a small businessman, veteran, community activist, neighborhood president or my passion for Dayton. No mention of Bcycle [3] or my plan to revamp the priority boards to neighborhood boundaries instead of by voting precincts. I guess I have to leave those up to you- so start writing letters: [email protected] [4]

And, please, sign up for a yard sign RIGHT NOW at http://electesrati.com/user/register [5]

Thank you.

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Rob Degenhart

Just a few years ago, my small businesses budgeted almost $15,000 per year advertising in the Dayton Daily News.  As I saw the effectiveness of newspaper advertising rapidly decrease, I’m glad to say now we only spend a few hundred dollars per year in the DDN.
I know, not really related to your post, just feel sorry for the paper and wish they could do better in many areas, including endorsing.


This is the norm with the DDN.  Their editorial board is a joke.  I don’t agree with you on a lot of issues to be sure but if I lived in Dayton, you would have my vote.  How they can say with a straight face that Whaley or Williams (or McLin) are good for Dayton is beyond me.  Good luck and Semper Fi.