June 2013

Two quotes worth your consideration from Kate Ervin

In the great brouhaha that rose out of the inclusion of Garden Station in a development package to an unnamed developer with untold plans, Kate Ervin who worked for the city in the planning department when Garden Station was “born” wrote a long response to the development plan on Facebook- but one of her comments Read More

Garden Station DEVELOPMENT threatened by “development”

Last night, Facebook lit up. It seems, that a developer has been picked for one of the two properties first reported here as being bought by the city for $450K ea, the former Supply 1/HD Supply on Wayne Avenue, and that Garden Station’s sliver of land next to the railroad trestle is included (a total Read More

Leitzell calls for opinion on Pace case and charter changes at Commission meeting

I reported last week that the Mayor was asking for discussion about the William Pace case against the Board of Elections and the City of Dayton in the State Supreme Court about his legal right to run as a write in: Leitzell calls for charter change discussion on petitions During today’s commission meeting he brings Read More

“Where There Is Love” Dayton Ohio welcomes everyone

Before Gary Leitzell was mayor, there was a growing community of immigrants in Old North Dayton. No one in city hall paid much attention, or made an effort to welcome them to Dayton. Gary, in one of his acts of quiet change, made an effort to reach out to this community- and out of it, Read More

When “your government” says no

I just returned from a meeting of our neighborhood association, Historic South Park, Inc., where we discussed next actions of the neighborhood in relation to two different upcoming developments along Brown/Warren Street. The first, was the proposed new development between Burns Ave. and Kline St. which was being called “MidPark” and I wrote about here: Read More

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