May 2013

The man behind the curtain is now backing bike share

Mike Ervin liked the idea when I first told him about bike share back in 2009. So did Andy Williamson- when I brought Bcycle from Boulder to the first Miami Valley Bicycle summit. I took a slide deck out and presented it to, or talked with Dr. Hopkins at Wright State who loved it. Dr. Read More

The “Arcade Problem”

Recently, the taxpayers voted for a library levy that was large, needed and slightly opaque, in that it didn’t clearly define where and what all the money was going for. This opened up the discussion again about turning the Arcade into the Main Library downtown. Pushed hard by my friend J. Todd Anderson and the Read More

City buying former Dayton Career Academy site for $166,028, do you feel safer?

Bill Rain used to think that the main library should buy the Dayton Career Academy building at 441 River Corridor Dr., Dayton, OH 45402 for a new downtown library. With a beautiful view of the river, ample space for parking, and a relatively new building, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. As part of Read More

One of Dayton’s “most influential tweeters,” according to Dayton Business Journal

Dayton Business Journal lists are sort of like David Letterman’s top ten lists- they have one every week, sometimes two or three. You have to be kinda in the know to understand that they aren’t scientific or even very accurate, but, still- it’s nice for them to recognize me and a couple of people I Read More

What happened Tuesday, and why the public doesn’t understand, doesn’t care and doesn’t benefit

Note: this is a long post. It’s an important one. Please read it – and then discuss with your friends and neighbors. Elections are too important to be sold or manipulated unfairly. “Better luck next time, Dave!” was what was yelled at me yesterday by a neighbor as his wife drove him past me with Read More

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