David Esrati speaks to the Dayton Baptist Pastors and Ministers Union of Greater Dayton

I arrived when I was supposed to. Commissioner Joey Williams was in the middle of his presentation, I turned on the iPhone and recorded. After him came Joe Lutz, who is now talking about city wide WiFi- as if it’s his idea. He’s going to use the money he wants to collect from it to pay for house demolition. Seriously, he’s way out there. My idea of citywide WiFi is to make it free for all, with limits, and unlimited for those who pay, or for Dayton Public School students, who would be able to sign into the same filtered system they use at school.

Then Jeffery J Mims, Jr., talked a lot about himself.  David Greer spoke briefly. Nan left after Mims spoke. The mayor was already done and gone before I arrived, and I don’t know if A.J. Wagner spoke to them today, but I suspect not.

I’ve taken the time to put my speech into an MP-3 you can stream or download. I cover as much as I can before the tap on the back from Rev. William Schooler, whom I first met when I was running for mayor 20 years ago. I won’t quit running until I win and build the Dayton of the future.

You can listen and see what you think.


If I have more than 3 requests in comments- I’ll post the whole thing tonight.

Desperate Whaley Campaign goes Negative

“Too many politicians make empty promises on the campaign trail, but at the end of the day, are just like the rest- only out for themselves. But in the election for Dayton’s Mayor, we don’t have to settle for the same old politicians.”
~Nan Whaley’s latest campaign mailer that has photos of A.J. Wagner and Gary Leitzell on it- calling them “as typical as they come.”

Nan’s claim is that she is different- that she voluntarily cut her own pay. Total garbage, every city employee has agreed to pay freezes and has accepted furlough days, to help the city make it through the economic downturn, caused by people just like Nan- the politicians who sell out to the highest bidder. Nan is different than any other local candidate, in that she has fund-raisers in Columbus, and pulls money from Washington, D.C., types to fund her non-stop blather about how she’s a “Mayor for Dayton’s future.”

Let’s be clear. The upcoming election on May 7 doesn’t pick Dayton’s Mayor- it just cuts the field by one. Polls have shown that Nan comes in third, which is why she’s blowing through her ill-gotten campaign treasure chest like a drunken sailor. This was the sixth mailing I’ve gotten, and I got wind of a mailer that was targeted to West Side voters last night. I’ve also gotten two robocalls, including one from her buddy, Senator Sherrod Brown, who couldn’t find his way from Brown Street to Warren Street without GPS.

Nan Whaley Negative campaign piece

Nan Whaley doesn’t have a plan for Dayton, she has a plan to smear anyone else in her way. Click to download full PDF.

Nan is the one making empty promises. She has served on the Dayton City Commission for 7.5 years. The first 4 years, she had 4 other supporting votes to do anything she wanted. The last 3.5, she lost her best friend, Rhine McLin, when Rhine lost by less than 1,000 votes to Gary Leitzell, who was a nobody with no money from the neighborhoods. The fact that Rhine’s campaign manager was the same fool that is running Whaley’s campaign shouldn’t be lost on most political insiders. Not to mention that even Rhine, whom Nan and her pals in the inner circle of the Montgomery County Democratic Party put into office on the Board of Elections, is backing A.J. Wagner in his TV spots.

Nan’s own best pal, is backing Wagner? In terms of “same old politicians” – A.J. has been in office for 20 years, with the former backing of the Democratic Party inner circle, Nan has been in office for 8 years, with at least 4 years previous sucking at the teat of Democratic party patronage with jobs in the county building, on the board of elections and being an employee of the Montgomery County Democratic party. Her husband also works for the county making this “power couple” make over $1,00K a year. A.J. may be “double dipping” according to Nan, but the fact is, he paid into his retirement for over 20 years and is drawing it legally. Notice, she doesn’t mention that her running buddy, Jeffery Mims would be doing the EXACT SAME THING.

Our poor mayor, Gary Leitzell, whom she accuses of taking “a month off on the taxpayers’ dime” to “renovate his home”- has been a politician for only 3.5 years, making him the “least of the same old politicians” in the bunch. Let’s also be clear that the Mayor’s “Job” is to attend one meeting a week. That means he missed 4 meetings? No, he missed one on vacation and was there the other 3- as compared to Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace who has missed over a year of meetings, but is constantly given an excused absence by Nan, Joey Williams, Matt Joseph, and for a while, the Mayor, so that he can get to his 20-year mark and resign mid-term. He’s been on the taxpayers’ dime- and the bets are, that if Nan loses in the May 7 runoff election, Dean will resign in time for her to run in a special election to fill his seat, giving her a backup.

Also note, that Gary Leitzell has never had the benefit of having two other commission members to vote with him for his entire term, since the Democratic Party holds sway over the campaign money machine that Nan has a direct line to. Williams and Joseph both know where their bread is buttered, and Lovelace has to count on the others so he can retire. Nope, not a single free thinker on the commission other than Leitzell.

Nan Whaley is the most political animal in local Dayton politics. Her obscene campaign contributions, push poll and now, this negative campaign piece should tell Dayton voters all they need to know about Ms. Whaley- she’s only out for herself.

Election questions that need answers

The “primary” election on May 7th for the Dayton Mayor and City Commission positions isn’t a primary- it’s a run-off election, to narrow the field to two candidates for Mayor and four candidates for two city commission seats. This means one candidate from each race will be left out.

Typically, primaries are held for political parties to select their representative- and this is where you declare your party affiliation in the State of Ohio, by asking for a particular party ballot. There is no “independent” status- but you can ask for an “issues only” ballot at elections where there are levies and primaries going on. Dayton hasn’t had a “run-off election” in so long, since the Board of Elections manages to stop most candidates from getting on the ballot- thanks to the Dayton City Charter requirements for 500 signatures and a form that only the IRS could love.

The Dayton Charter calls for “non-partisan elections”- no party affiliation shows up with the candidates’ names. The charter also calls for the city to run the election, but they sub-contract it to the Board of Elections- which is a very partisan organization. Things get confusing to most voters when they hear  about the Board of Elections, because most of them never come into contact with them other than when getting mailings telling you your polling place has changed (again).

There are 4 people on the Board of Elections- two Democrats and two Republicans. They are paid $20,000 each a year to attend 2 meetings a month, to oversee the actions of the “Board of Elections” staff- which consists of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans- where there are one of each for every position so as to have a “check and balance.” However, all of these jobs are reserved for “friends of the party”- they are patronage jobs, pure and simple, where relatives of our elected representatives get well paying jobs just for who they know. We’ve even hired convicted rapists without a job application.

These are the people we trust to run “fair and impartial and honest” elections.

Recently, the Democrats on the Board of Elections, Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie got fired by the Secretary of State over protests of his limiting of early voting hours. The Democratic party convened, and appointed John Doll and Rhine McLin to the board.

Yes, former Mayor of Dayton, Rhine McLin, who lost to Gary Leitzell by less than 1,000 votes, despite outspending him 6 to 1. She also was part of the team that conspired to keep William Pace off the ballot, despite having 650+ valid signatures, by holding the validation meeting after hours, on the day of the deadline, for him to sign a single form to accept his candidacy. Steve Harsman, who is the Dem director for the BOE- who is paid in excess of $110,000 a year, also sits on the Montgomery County Democratic Party Screening Committee- where one of the questions of all candidates is always “If we don’t endorse you, will you run against our endorsed candidate?” Remember, the purpose of a “primary” is for the party to pick a candidate, not just the party elite.

So when William Pace pointed something very obvious to me out today, I, like you, should wonder what kind of fair and honest election can we count on in this primary? The reason:

Screen grab from AJ Wagner for Mayor tv spot with him and BOE Director Rhine McLin

Screen grab from AJ Wagner for Mayor tv spot with him and BOE Director Rhine McLin

How can Rhine McLin be expected to provide nonpartisan, unbiased, supervision of an election in which she appears in ads to support a candidate? Is this a “nonpartisan” election anymore?

Also appearing in A.J.’s ad are County Commissioners Debbie Lieberman (wife of former Dem Party Chair and BOE board member Dennis Lieberman) and County Commissioner Judy Dodge (who has relatives working in the Board of Elections).

I’ve called for an elected “Chief Ethics Officer” in the county, if we have to elect a coroner and a county engineer, why not? If we had one, this would be a case worthy of investigation. If I was Gary Leitzell, I’d be asking for oversight on this election from outside this county, with the huge amounts of money A.J. and Nan have raised and spent, what’s stopping them from buying off some election officials?

The May 7 election question: what is critical mass for the big idea?

You won’t see me, David Greer or Mayor Leitzell on a tv commercial between now and May 7. In fact, you won’t ever see us on a broadcast tv spot. It’s a stupid waste of campaign money. Why? TV stations cover the entire region- from Celina to Middletown, Eaton to Springfield. We only need to reach a very small subset of that audience- Dayton voters, and even a smaller subset of those, the ones who vote in primaries.

Seth Godin asked this question on Thursday:

How big is critical mass?

It’s classified.

There’s a certain mass and size of plutonium that you need to create in order to start a nuclear reaction… a reaction that tips, that spreads, that cycles out of control.

In the idea business, critical mass is the minimum size of the excited audience that leads to a wildfire. People start embracing your idea because, “everyone else is…”

via Seth’s Blog: How big is critical mass?.

The difference between our low-budget, unconventional, shared campaign and Nan Whaley and AJ Wagner’s hyper-powered political slugfest, is that we have a central idea for ours- that politics is local, personal, and about an idea- more than about us. The idea is that business as usual in Dayton politics has to end, and campaigns have to be about ideas, not dollars. Our idea- that three independent candidates who don’t owe anyone any political favors, can transform Dayton.

Nan and AJ just want to get elected. Then, they promise, their self-professed visionary leadership will lead us to the promised land of jobs, better education and no more blighted homes. The problem is, we, and you, have all heard that same promise every time, there is an election. How’s it worked in the past?

The big idea in the Independent Dayton campaign is that if enough Dayton voters hear our message, that elections shouldn’t be run like auctions, and that you really can’t do anything new, if your support comes from people who aren’t the ones who elect you (seriously, there aren’t many actual Dayton residents writing checks for over $250 to any of the candidates, that kind of money- even when donated to my campaign is from outside the city). That’s a big idea and a major change right off the bat.

You won’t hear any of us promise that government is going to create jobs, or be able to catch up with the blight. Only someone who takes money from a gambling PAC that wants to build a racino will tell you that. We will tell you that if we deliver great services, and make our city sound like a forward thinking city that put a stop to auctioning off our city commission seats, the rest of the world may take notice and believe that our community has turned a corner that the rest of the country wishes it could- take the big money out of politics.

After the short cycle of the primary, we will produce our own video about the campaign. To tell you a story of our vision for Dayton, it will be one that is worthy of the whole world watching. It will let you know that Dayton is back. We’ve got water, workers and the wisdom to end the silliness of big money politics. Our solutions don’t fit in a :30 spot, it will be at least a few minutes long, and it will inspire you. Note: we’ve already put up many hours of straight video on Independent Dayton- of all the candidates nights, and our “Ghostlight Sessions” where we answered questions, none of the big money candidates did anything like this. Instead, they are going to hit you over the head with these :30 ads about why they are great.

Any questions?
I hope on May 7, Dayton voters say no to one of these (I always say to vote for the people with the lowest average donation) candidates and we move forward with a real discussion of Dayton’s future.

The question is, in the next 10 days, can the Independent Dayton team hand deliver enough of our campaign materials and reach enough Dayton primary voters with our limited budget? Some of it is up to you- will you share this with every Dayton voter you know? Remember, no one gets elected on May 7- we just narrow the choices. One of these big money candidates will still be on the ballot, and possibly both. Is that what you want? Or do you want to send a message about running elections without selling out?

Esrati’s small business vs. the IRS

Sunday morning the Dayton Daily News will have a piece about the five city commission candidates. I already know that the piece about me is going to mention some IRS tax liens. This is part of owning a small business. If you’ve been in business for yourself, you won’t bat an eye. If you’ve had a career working for the man, or for the government, you’ll sit and say he’s irresponsible and unworthy of my vote. So be it.

The amount is relatively minor- less than $5,000. About $2,000 of that is from some sort of audit, where the IRS claims my 2005 and 2006 returns were filed late, and somehow this warrants $1,000 fines for each. $1,500 is a payroll tax deposit that I didn’t make last November. I’ve got so many letters, and so many documents flying at me, it’s hard to tell what’s what. I trust everything will be resolved well before the November election. My bookkeeper is working on it. These things take time to resolve.

Originally, this post had a long description of what happened last year. After some prodding from some friends and family, I agree with them- you don’t need to know the details other than this: running a small business is tough, sometimes you gamble on people and give them a chance- and they bite you in the butt.

In the advertising business- the number one way agencies start-up is when some employees walk out and take a major client or two with them. It’s common. I didn’t do that when I started my business. Last year, thanks to my giving someone a chance, it happened to me.

I also found out that credit card companies don’t have to listen to court judgments- and can raid your bank account if they “find for their card holder” something I’m pretty sure shouldn’t be legal. A two-thousand dollar job turned into a zero dollar job months after you’d finished the work and the $1,100 deposit you took- gets hauled back out of your account. Read the  small claims court judgment against Jessica Hartman and Totally Polished: Totally Polished judgment, I won in court, for $1,100, the amount that had been in my account. I’ve learned that collecting on small claims court wins is near impossible. Gotta love the credit card companies. If anyone wants to teach me how to collect, I’ll gladly give you 25%.

My bookkeeper has been communicating with IRS about the fines and some credits we missed. Everything is being worked out, but, if you’ve been in a situation like this with the IRS you know it takes months to just get the straight answers out of them on anything you contest. By midsummer, everything should be straightened out, and the paper will have to find something else to smear me with.

Small business is tough. Besides Gary Leitzell, I’m the only serious small business owning candidate.

And for comparison:

  • Nan Whaley has never held a job that hasn’t been provided to her by the Montgomery County Democratic Party. Between her and Mr. Whaley, who works for Karl Keith, they pull in over $100,000 a year of your tax dollars.
  • Dean Lovelace has been on the City Commission for 20 years with health care, a car allowance and on the side, was hired by the same university that can’t afford to pay its professors enough to live on or pay for health insurance.
  • Joey Williams has been a banker the entire time he’s held an elected position. Until recently he was a regional president at Chase, and made well over $200,000 a year in addition to his commission pay. His wife worked for Cox media for years as a news anchor, making pretty good money on her own. The paper gave her the kid glove treatment when she was involved in an auto accident that caused a fatality.
  • Matt Joseph works for a defense contractor. He was put onto the city commission by the party with the help of his brother Russ, who sees himself as the next Dayton Clerk of Courts.
  • The only small businessman on the city commission is Mayor Leitzell, who was mocked by the newspaper relentlessly at first for being a painter of toy soldiers. Luckily, we’ve now seen that he knows how to solve problems and can get elected despite being outspent 6 to 1 by an incumbent.
  • Jeff Mims has worked in the schools forever and has a pension. He’s also currently elected to the State School board, a job he’d have to quit with a year remaining to take a seat on the city commission. He also has a bankruptcy from ages ago, which the paper may or may not publish.
  • David Greer has a government retirement and works for the Senior Resource Center now.
  • A.J. Wagner has a government pension from his time as auditor and judge. He’s also a small businessman as a lawyer, but part of a bigger firm. It’s not quite the same as 23 years of hanging your own shingle.
  • Joe Lutz could be considered a small businessman, except, it’s hard to tell if his business is any more serious than his campaign. When I looked over his business website it looked more like something a kid would do back in the late nineties.

And, for the record, last year, I paid over six figures to people in wages and taxes and gave them a place to work. It might not equal what Nan has raised to run for office, but, it was creating jobs. I also ran for Congress, which took too much time away from the business as well.

I’ve run my entire campaign for less than what Nan or A.J. spent just on their websites so far (I’ve spent about $3,000, they spent over $5k each on their pop-up campaign sites). My low budget videos for congress won awards from AAF Daytontheirs, well, suck, despite having real money to produce them.

I wish I could have dealt with the tax issues before campaigning began. If you’d like to work with my ad agency, The Next Wave, we’d be happy to do our magic for you. We have seats open for Tuesdays Websitetology seminar, where you can learn how to build a great website and maintain it for a lot less than what Nan or A.J. spent (Nan actually took the seminar years ago). And if you need printing, highest quality at the lowest prices, you can call us too. I’ll be happy to save you money and make enough to pay off the tax bills quickly.

Mayor or bust.

On May 7, 2013 a small percentage of Dayton voters will go to the polls to narrow the field of candidates for Dayton Mayor and City Commission. It’s a rare election in that we even have this choice, since most times, the Board of (S)Elections manages to keep most of the potential candidates off the ballot. The Commission seats are staggered as well, so that this is the odd chance to elect a majority- three people, to the commission which is the number you need to actually do anything. If you are a student of Dayton election history- this never happens (at least in modern times). Incumbents win, party supported candidates win, there have only been a few upset wins- Turner over Dixon, McLin over Turner, Leitzell over McLin- and all by less than 1000 votes.

The Commissioner seats rarely change hands unless the party wants it to happen. Dean Lovelace was the last non-party person to win, and that was in a rare special election. Most likely, his seat will transfer in yet another special election, sometime after this primary.

In each race this year, we’re eliminating one candidate. Hardly a big choice. The mayors race is getting all of the attention, with more Mayor only candidates nights. I filmed 2 this week- they are posted at www.independentdayton.com There was little new knowledge to be gained. But, I did ask a question at the League of Women Voters event Tuesday, of Nan Whaley and AJ Wagner that bears watching- it was if it comes down to the two of them, both career politicians and Democratic party insiders (AJ owes at least 4 elections to their backing), would they agree to campaign spending caps.

AJ put it to Nan, and she didn’t answer directly, but instead talked about a “first class campaign.”

With yesterdays pre-campaign filings, it’s become clear that Nan has zero intention of holding back a dime, having out raised AJ by a ridiculous number, who has in-turn, out-raised and out-spent the Mayor by a ridiculous number.

The question for voters, since one of these free-spending, cost-no-object candidates will still be on the ballot no matter what, is how obscene do you want this race to be?

To me, there is only one choice- to vote for Leitzell by a ridiculous margin and send a clear message to these two political machines that it’s got to be about the power of ideas and your actions that you demonstrate your leadership quality- not by the amounts of money you throw at the campaign. To knock the biggest spender out in the primary would be epic. It would also be the most sensible thing to do, since Whaley has had 8 years with the support of at least 2 other votes the entire time she’s been in office.  She’s had plenty of time to change the course of this city- even though change in government runs at only one speed in this town- slow (that’s a Leitzell quote).

The fact that she raised over $30,000 from three unions can only be construed as them wanting to protect their bargaining with the City Manager (current or the next one) and think that Nan can exert that kind of pull. The other money, like a $5,000 donations from Washington (William Robinson, 1730 Rhode Island Ave. Washington DC 20036 4/17/13 Online $5,000.00), or a fundraiser in Columbus Ohio which $5,595 should upset me as a Dayton voter, but it doesn’t. It’s to be expected by someone who lives politics 24/7 and has no idea or ideas, about what it takes to let ideas own the discussion.

The donation from Penn National Gaming PAC of $1000 (they of the “Racino”) or the donations by other politicians who are giving money that taxpayers gave to them, to her, don’t phase me either- although I find them reprehensible. (full disclosure, William Pace’s campaign gave my campaign $100). She also got $1000 from the Washington PAC Emily’s list- as if Nan is a powerhouse on national agenda issues. There are other donors from all over. I’d almost like to do a breakdown of how many of her donors actually live in Dayton proper, but she’s not worth my time.

What bothered me most, was a single donation of $200 from a gentleman in Cleveland Heights, Art Brooks. I’ve known his daughters Caryn and Kristin since grade school. He served on a committee with my mother to start an Artists co-op in the seventies. He has no vested interest in Dayton, I doubt he’s ever been here. He probably gave because Nan had our Senator, Sherrod Brown working his donors over for her. It disappoints me that the favors of one candidate buy another. Why do we even allow the voters into the equation?

I’m posting both AJ Wagner’s filing: Wagner, AJ – 2013 Pre-Primary and Nan Whaley’s: Whaley, N – 2013 Pre Primary

Look them over. Ask, at what price do you think is reasonable to run for Mayor? And, do you really want these two in a no-holds barred race? It’s Dayton’s turn to say no to big money in politics and bring national attention to the problem. It’s time to tell rich people that they can’t continue to buy our elected offices. It’s time to tell Nan, you had your free ride- this is the last ride.

The only thing I really feel sorry for is everyone who is going to have to see her $27,000 tv media spend. The commercial is painfully bad.

Elect Esrati campaign finance report: pre-primary

As the candidate that tries the hardest to keep voters informed, I’m posting a PDF of my campaign finances before the 4pm deadline today.

It shows that I raised $3455 by the deadline of the 19th- spent $2650 so far. I had two fundraisers that brought in $805.

If you look at this report, just be warned- it’s as convoluted as the tax code- asking for different kinds of forms for different kinds of donations etc.

As to my donors, the highest donation was $250 from Terry Posey and Kevin Busarow bought two seats at my chicken parmigiana dinner for $250. The average donation worked out to about $100.

So far my entire campaign has cost less than half of what either Nan Whaley or AJ Wagner spent on each of their websites.

My major vendor is The Next Wave- my own firm. I bill my campaign for work that my employees do, not for the work I do. Most of the money goes for printing.

I’m helped out a bit since Mayor Leitzell and David Greer went thirds with me on a printing run for a shared piece, and that I’m reusing yard signs from two campaigns ago.

I’ve also donated my time to design and prep for print both Leitzell and Greer’s materials.

Elect Esrati 2013 pre-primary Campaign Finance Report pdf

I will post the reports of the other candidates as they become available.

Jobs for ex-offenders

Tuesday morning on my run, a guy pulls up in his car, rolls down his window and gives me a big grin. I didn’t recognize him right away (during campaign season- more people recognize you and expect you to remember the 2 minute meeting you had with them at a candidates night), but then I realized it was a former employee, from half-a-dozen years ago.

Last I saw him, was through the plate glass at the Montgomery County Jail. I’d hired him about 9 months previous, as a part-time web-designer. He wasn’t really qualified, but he had the right attitude. I introduced him to WordPress, the open source content manager that we use for about 90% of our clients websites. He was a quick learner.

I remember having to drive him home, since he didn’t have reliable transportation. I did some trade with a client who was a dentist to fix his teeth – his ghetto solution to missing front teeth was to wear a gold “grill”- which really wasn’t a good substitute for proper crowns. I don’t remember the details of how we parted ways, except that somewhere along the way, I loaned him $300 to get his cell phone back on- and found out later that it was spent on crack.

He’s clean now, after his family sent him up to Lima for a while with grandma, to keep him away from his running partners around here, guys who all had doper street names.

Now he’s married to his baby momma, a sweet girl he’s known since childhood. She has a masters degree. He’s got street smarts, and somehow, despite protests from her family, they are making it work.

He acknowledged that he still owed me the $300. He also told me, that if it wasn’t for me giving him a chance, introducing him to WordPress and giving him a bit of confidence in his abilities, he might not still be alive today.

He’s not the only ex-con in my life. The kid I’ve been a “big brother” to for the last 26 years, has spent two stints in the joint, both for being drunk, stupid and the wrong color in Greene County, where the “legal system” seems to have a much higher conviction rate for petty crap if you’re black. He’s said the same words to me- if not for me, he probably wouldn’t still be alive. He’s in year two of running his own business now. He’s doing it himself, and while I mentor him, there’s a big difference between working for me- and running his own business. He’s had a few setbacks, including having his brand new (to him) second truck stolen which unfortunately, he only had state minimum insurance. He’s learning the hard way that hiring is hard, clients are difficult, and selling the value of quality isn’t easy.

After two nights of listening to the Mayoral candidates talking about “job creation” I’m thinking about the jobs I’ve created over the years and the people I’ve given their first job in their chosen career. None were hired because government did anything, all were hired because I believed that they could make me more money than I paid them. That’s the fundamental equation in business. Ex-offenders don’t usually work in my field- advertising. Hell, minorities are as scarce in advertising as they are on the Dayton Police Department. The sad part is, ex-offenders are an untapped resource in our community. We have an abundance of them, and it’s something that AJ Wagner uses as a prop for his campaign stump speech. AJ says that as a judge, he saw a lot of young people in front of him when he was a judge, and they were all missing god, a job, or an education. No duh.

Since government is supposed to stay out of the god part, and we provided the education that failed, the only thing left to solve the problem is to either hire ex-offenders, or admit, you’re lying about having any way of solving this problem. Most politicians do the latter.

Gary Leitzell takes a different approach, he talks about teaching entrepreneurship starting at age 12. It’s what they do in the UK- where you take a test to see if you are college material or trade school material around the same age. But to me, it’s still a cop out. Kids want to excel and be recognized for success. The problem is that we’ve written off these kids en masse in Dayton. We’ve killed our neighborhood cohesiveness with the end of neighborhood schools We killed off our parks and rec programs. We’ve done everything we can to make sure these kids stand alone.

The first part of the solution is to not let kids grow up to be cons in the first place. While nothing beats parents with good jobs and a steady income, the focus of the community has to be on growing up on the right side of the law. Most social science experiments show that when you group poor people together, economic discrimination if you will, you get more poor people. Integrating poor people into better neighborhoods, better outcomes. The Disney Company experimented with this in their “Celebration” community where everything was planned down to the picket fences to create the Disney vision of utopia- giving us the backdrop for the movie “The Truman Show” where people lived “under the dome” of happiness.

By re-focusing our neighborhoods on creating positive places for kids to grow up, by rewarding neighborhoods that start scout troops, soccer and basketball teams, chess clubs, book clubs, after school tutoring, movie nights, we may be able to start to change the world view of our kids who are living in poverty. It also wouldn’t hurt if we made the Internet available to them via school issued digital devices over a city-wide wifi system. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is our best defense against future life in crime.

If these steps would have stopped either of my two ex-offenders, I can’t say. My “little brother” was surrounded with books, and an avid reader. But, I do know that he had way too much unstructured time in the 10-14 age spread, and this is when the trouble started (it didn’t help that his mother spent 2 of those years dying of cancer that a real health care system might have caught and cured).

The second part of the solution is to provide real opportunity and training to ex-offenders and work on ways to clear offenses from haunting them like a scarlet letter. When my “little brother” went to prison the first time, he was warehoused and treated like a farm hand. The second time at a different institution, he was treated for alcohol dependency and educated- rehabilitated instead of treated like inventory. He came out with goals  and a good start on an associates degree (which Sinclair has systematically killed off). The key to re-entry isn’t a parole officer, it’s a career coach and opportunities.

James Kent is doing something about re-entry and employment. He runs Dayton’s Architectural Reuse Company and Dayton Works Plus. He’s training ex-offenders to hold down a job, basic life skills, and how to deconstruct and salvage building materials to make them ready for reuse. He calls his business model a “social enterprise” that creates value on many different levels other than on the balance sheet. If karma was a line item in a profit and loss, James would be a very wealthy man. He’s working to use two of Dayton’s major perceived problems- an abundance of both ex-offenders and blighted homes, and turning them into something useful. Unfortunately, the City has stood in the way of his efforts by bundling contracts to be bigger than he can bond for, and by denying his firm the right to glean before bulldozers from Nan’s political donors do the job the land-fill filling way. Gary Leitzell was the only commission member to respond to Kent when he asked for help.

But, manual labor isn’t enough to turn the tide. One of the beauties of online access is that there are somethings online that you can do that hide the fact that you are an ex-offender, one is study via MOOCS, massive open online courses, where leading educators provide courses of all levels for free. If the prison system can start these inmates off with an introduction to self- improvement, and we provide affordable online access, it’s possible that the code behind your website, or the tedious activities that can be distributed broadly (via a mechanical turk) , is handled by ex-offenders (my former employee builds websites, you can’t tell he’s an ex-con from the code).

It’s also easier to build communities online- of neighbors, neighborhoods and of networks of people to get things done. If we create Ohio’s first digital city, we may create the platform out of poverty that is hurting the perception of Dayton, the city proper, as a place where as AJ says- god, education and jobs are lacking. Note, there are plenty of preachers online for you to choose from AJ.

The state already has programs in place that offer employers incentives to hire ex-offenders, although my small business didn’t have the resources to dedicate to the complexities of the compliance. The real question is how do we provide ex-offenders the tools to help themselves? It’s not something we can solve overnight, or even in a four year term, but I do know that the challenges of coming out of prison and setting up a home is daunting. Success depends on support networks of families, friends and acceptance into a community because the cost of entry is high. Having to carry a high risk bond for car insurance because you haven’t driven in years, deposits for utilities because your credit was wrecked thanks to not being able to properly shut-off your cell or cable bill when you went into jail on your way to prison.

This is why my plan for micro-housing built with reused building supplies, that’s energy efficient, thanks to Mr. Kent’s program, coupled with bike share, which provides an alternative to a car, and city wide wi-fi makes a smart phone like those from Republic Wireless work everywhere, coupled with online communities and support groups and educational abilities can all be integrated into an ex-offender program worthy of global attention.

That’s how we create jobs for ex-offenders.


Dayton City Commission candidates’ nights this week: April 23-25, 2013

Tuesday,  April 23, 2013. the League of Women Voters is holding a mayoral candidates’ night at St. Paul’s, 239 Wayne Ave., at 6:30 p.m.


3pm 24 May fixed time and mayoral only on NW event

Wednesday, April 24, 2013, the Northwest Priority Board is hosting a candidates’ night for the Mayoral candidates, at the NW Recreation Center, 1600 Princeton Dr., Dayton, OH 45406 at 6 p.m.

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013  Linden Heights Community Council is hosting a candidates’ night at St. Anthony School cafeteria, 825 Creighton Ave.- but enter the school off Bowen St., at 7 p.m.

I will be videotaping each of them and posting on YouTube.

The primary (which is really a run-off election), for ALL registered Dayton voters is Tuesday. May 7, 2013. You do not have to declare a political party to vote in this election, it’s nonpartisan.

Disrespectful, stupid (and my mother dresses me funny)

I never made it through “How to win friends and influence people”- I found the writing style plodding. But according to one woman at Wayman AME on Hoover Ave, she hopes I never come back to Wayman, and I’m not very intelligent (which I clarified by asking her if she was calling me stupid? With which she said yes). I’m disrespectful, for coming into “her house” and “disrespecting her brother” (I take that to mean Joey Williams, who is a member of Wayman). All this was an interjection as I was getting schooled in marketing, for not spending enough time telling the congregation (whom I’ve addressed every time I’ve run for the last 20 years) what I was for, vs. what I saw as problems.

Damn, I’m confused. I always thought that if you lied in church you’d be struck by lightning.

This was the first place I was told that I couldn’t videotape the activities. John Lawson of the Linden Center was in charge of video and promised me he’d share. I almost had him let me tape when I told him my camera was bigger than his (I bring a pro rig out, he had a pocket camera). Had he let me record, the card wouldn’t have filled up and stopped half way through question and answer, but, that’s another story. I can’t show you my “disrespect” for you to judge, but hopefully he’ll put the video up soon.

So, what did I ask? I asked the people to believe me now, 20 years after I started, to trust me when I tell them that I’m not naive anymore, and I understand how things are done in Dayton. That if this city ran fair elections, William Pace would be up here too, and that the decisions of who gets to run isn’t up to the people, but a party that I belong to, but can’t agree with their methodology- one of patronage and favoritism.

I also said that no matter what anyone tells them, it takes three votes to make a change. That Nan Whaley and Joey Williams have had 2 other votes their entire time in office, and if they couldn’t do it then, what can they do now? That Gary Leitzell has been working as a team of 1 against a gang of 4. It takes three votes for a change.

I made the analogy of Dayton as a restaurant. Either your food and service are great, or people stop coming. Instead, Dayton tries to be Wal-Mart, that has a food stand- but also sells everything else. We need to stick to delivery of fundamental services and do it well. We need to offer things that no one else does, or no one will come and fix up the houses that are decaying faster than Nan can hand out demolition permits to her donors (I actually didn’t point the finger at Nan- or enunciate this as clearly).

Yes, I know, talking about how where you grew up, or where your kids went to school has served Jeff Mims well. He’s been elected over and over. But one woman, from Jefferson Township did ask if he wins a seat on the commission, will he still serve on the State School Board and he told her that he’d have to resign that seat to be on the commission. Finally- someone realized that Jeff isn’t living up to his last campaign promises, and yet he’s up here making new ones.

I did see some heads nodding along, some people get it when I say we have gang problems because we don’t have nets on rims on basketball courts, or neighborhoods that are connected by a common school. But, to answer these questions in a minute is like trying to summarize the Bible- in a hundred words or less. These candidates’ forums aren’t really forums at all- they are more like speed dating, where the fact that you are an axe murderer isn’t as important as that you smell good and smile a lot.

The woman who dressed me down, wouldn’t back down, and neither would I. She took it as a point of pride that she could tell me off and call me stupid, while not wearing a name tag or putting her name on the ballot. It’s easy to be a bystander, it’s easy to boo, it’s easy to stand on the sidelines.

The hardest thing to do in this town is to tell the truth.