April 2013

David Esrati speaks to the Dayton Baptist Pastors and Ministers Union of Greater Dayton

I arrived when I was supposed to. Commissioner Joey Williams was in the middle of his presentation, I turned on the iPhone and recorded. After him came Joe Lutz, who is now talking about city wide WiFi- as if it’s his idea. He’s going to use the money he wants to collect from it to Read More

Desperate Whaley Campaign goes Negative

“Too many politicians make empty promises on the campaign trail, but at the end of the day, are just like the rest- only out for themselves. But in the election for Dayton’s Mayor, we don’t have to settle for the same old politicians.” ~Nan Whaley’s latest campaign mailer that has photos of A.J. Wagner and Read More

Election questions that need answers

The “primary” election on May 7th for the Dayton Mayor and City Commission positions isn’t a primary- it’s a run-off election, to narrow the field to two candidates for Mayor and four candidates for two city commission seats. This means one candidate from each race will be left out. Typically, primaries are held for political Read More

The May 7 election question: what is critical mass for the big idea?

You won’t see me, David Greer or Mayor Leitzell on a tv commercial between now and May 7. In fact, you won’t ever see us on a broadcast tv spot. It’s a stupid waste of campaign money. Why? TV stations cover the entire region- from Celina to Middletown, Eaton to Springfield. We only need to Read More

Esrati’s small business vs. the IRS

Sunday morning the Dayton Daily News will have a piece about the five city commission candidates. I already know that the piece about me is going to mention some IRS tax liens. This is part of owning a small business. If you’ve been in business for yourself, you won’t bat an eye. If you’ve had Read More

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