February 2013

The non-candidates mayoral forum

I just returned from the oddest candidates night of them all- 2 hours of people who may not be on the ballot, talking about what they won’t be able to do anything about if they got elected Mayor. The meeting was at New Zion Missionary Baptist church at 3426 W. 2nd Street just a block Read More

Pancake Breakfast this Sunday, Mar 3rd 2013

I learned this from Gary Leitzell. Open your home, serve pancakes, raise money. However, I make way better pancakes than Gary. It’s one of my semi-secret skills- buttermilk pancakes from scratch- the secret is sifting the cake flour twice and not beating the batter too much. This Sunday: Pancake Breakfast Come to the candidates house, Read More

Dayton Daily shows bias and amateur journalistic skills

There is a reason Gary Leitzell has learned not to talk to the media in Dayton- they play favorites, misquote, fail to attribute and generally skew the news. The push poll story was a perfect example of why when he does, it’s a waste of time. It’s always been known that Cox lives for fear. Read More

“Dreaming in Dayton” in National Geographic Magazine

Dayton got mentioned in National Geographic magazine- more specifically, UA Vision- a company part owned by Mark Herres (the guy the city kneecapped on the UPS/Emery deal). If the FAA relaxes its rules, says Mark Brown, the civilian market for drones—and especially small, low-cost, tactical drones—could soon dwarf military sales, which in 2011 totaled more Read More

Whaley attacks from the gutter with push polling

Last week a citizen got a survey call from a Michigan number that rings back to Mountain West Research Center www.mwrcenter.com At the end of the survey, the survey caller identified herself as calling from Survey Sampling International http://www.surveysampling.com The survey began with questions about the local upcoming election- and began with reasons you might Read More

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