July 2011

Ohio tax policies create sprawl & pit cities against each other

Common sense would tell you that when cities fight to give corporations the best deal, someone will pay, and yet, we needed a study to prove the obvious. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio’s tax abatement programs, designed to keep businesses in the state, have failed Cleveland residents and those in the inner-ring suburbs by Read More

Hommous Fattoush and Felafel

Shish Kabob Subs & Grill now open- get your Shawarma on

Faez Al Mosawi is one of those immigrant success stories that all the anti-immigration nut jobs ignore. He walked out of Iraq around 15 years ago- literally- a 28=day walk, then came here and started working hard. Now he owns Halal International Grocery with 2 locations (one in South Park), Princess Beauty supply on North Read More

Dayton Board of Ed votes 4-3 to donate taxes to GE/UD

To the school board members, my firm, The Next Wave, is not under contract to do PR for you, we’re working on process improvement and improving enrollment. But, had we been giving PR advice- and trying to help you prepare for any future levy, we would have recommended a few things: Legislation that arrives on Read More

GE pays no taxes

It’s time to call GE’s bluff- GE can afford taxes

The Dayton Public School board is being rushed to vote to give away 15 years of taxes so that General Electric will pay UD payments in lieu of taxes. The big question isn’t why, but is this legal? The Why is supposedly in the name of “economic development” so that GE won’t go somewhere else Read More

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