Hire Cleveland’s Cop Cadets NOW!

Here’s a money-saving idea- forget the test, forget the academy- here are 40 trained police cadets available now:

Cleveland may have spent six months and more than $700,000 to prep 40 new police cadets, only to have them end up patrolling streets in the suburbs or out of state.The city, squeezed for cash, laid off the cadets Friday, immediately after their graduation from the department’s six-month academy. They were sworn in, but could have to wait up to 18 months for retirements and resignations to make room on the payroll, said Steve Loomis, their union president.

via Cleveland’s laid-off police cadets ready for others to recruit | cleveland.com.

Dayton is behind the curve on hiring police cadets right now and retirements are happening faster than we’d like. Besides saving a boatload in training costs- we could deploy these officers almost instantly.

But, like all good fire sales, this requires fast action- something our city has only shown it’s capable of when paying off political patrons or doing deals that benefit those in power. Here’s a chance to save the taxpayers a bunch of money.

Want to lay odds that the city can’t manage to hire a single one of these cadets?

The deed shell game

My father always told me: “You don’t own a house, a house owns you.”

I never really understood it until I owned one. Gone is the ability to pick up and move. Gone is the ability to call “the super” or the landlord to deal with things like busted water heaters. Houses depreciate without constant care.

It seems the banks just discovered this fact- now realizing that all that paper they loved generating when they thought the only way housing prices could go is up- is now a boat anchor on their balance sheets. The homes that they are taking back when their loans and house of card Ponzi systems of bundled mortgages and secondary markets collapsed- now require care, and they don’t want to pay.

Of course, politicians who get big financial support from the banking industry and their lobbyists, are all too quick to not look a gift horse in the mouth:

City officials are in preliminary talks that could lead to donations of foreclosed and abandoned properties from the banks holding the mortgage loans.

Negotiating for an exit strategy from the mortgage meltdown, representatives for a foreclosed properties servicer that works with major banks met Monday with Dayton city officials to discuss the abandoned properties.

How the early discussions will shake out is unknown, but a potential outcome includes transferring some properties clogging up bank balance sheets to a land bank or some other public entity, a move that occurred earlier this year in Chicago.

In May, Bank of America announced a collaboration with the city of Chicago and a community group to give away 150 vacant and abandoned properties in and around the city. A bank spokesman said the bank agreed to pay as much as $10,000 per home for demolition, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Unfortunately, many homeowners faced with unemployment, underemployment and other economic hardships, have transitioned to alternative housing situations, and in many cases have walked away from their homes, leaving behind vacant and deteriorating properties that can cause neighborhood blight,” a Bank of America statement said in May.

“To be honest with you, I think we need to walk into this idea of banks donating properties with eyes wide open,” said Aaron Sorrell, the city’s planning director. Sorrell, however, said he believes the discussions are valuable, especially if there are financial incentives the banks are willing to provide to help bring severely deteriorated properties back onto the market.“Everybody believes the finger pointing between the banks and the cities needs to end,” Sorrell said.

via Major banks may give away discarded residences to cut losses.

The real question is why banks aren’t held to the same standards as the homeowners they kicked out of these properties?

Why aren’t they forced to keep insurance on the property- at vacant home price, so that damage from vandalism and theft- can be undone? Maintenance on the houses- lawns mowed, trash picked up, paint kept to standard? Of course not. Recently 5/3rd got it in their head that one of my rentals didn’t have insurance (false) for a period of a few weeks and started charging $95 extra a month on my note- which has been almost impossible to resolve and get refunded- despite many calls, faxes and e-mails. Again- the same standards should be applied to banks.

As a token- the banks are offering up to $10k per home for demolition costs- why could they have not applied that discount to the home when it still had an owner? And of course, the banks will get to write off the highest value of the home- plus the $10K donation, and help boost their bottom line.

If our politicians had balls- they would tell the banks that any home to be turned over, that the bank did not make at least $10K in modifications to the loan while it still had a homeowner, that the bank would either be forced to bring the home to code and fair market value, or not be able to deduct a single cent as a loss from their balance statement. It’s time to protect our citizens before we protect the banks profit and loss.

The cost of foreclosures is not a shell game to be played after the value is gone- we need to be doing our deals before the home owners get kicked out, the houses go into entropy and the entire neighborhood suffers. Proactive assistance is much more affordable than reactive solutions.

Of course, if the federal government had bailed out the mortgages instead of the banks- we would have never ended up in this free fall. Had the Fed stepped in and reduced all consumer loan rates along with the prime, and capped credit cards and forced a linkage to the prime as well, we’d have seen some banks have to tighten their belts instead of the entire working class and state and local governments.

Before we accept a single house in this shell game- we need to start to work at stopping any more homes from heading down the same path. Force banks to make at least 5 modifications in the same community for every home they want to drop off their balance sheet.

End the shell game.

Dayton Pecha Kucha vol 7- Thursday June 30th 2011: FREE!

Pecha Kucha Dayton logoThis Thursday night- if you don’t have anything else to do- come down to Pecha Kucha and hear me speak for exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds while displaying 20 slides in a PowerPoint deck.
You can also hear 8, infinitely more interesting people the same night. And for the first time- this is FREE.
PK night is run by two very talented South Parkians: Matt Sauer and Jill Davis- both of the “creative class.”
Matt is an architect with Rogero Buckman Architects– the people who do the cool LiteHouses on Patterson, the Cooper Lofts, the Firefly Building, the Cannery, inside of Therapy Cafe and Boulevard Haus as well as the sculptures and buildings along Riverscape. Jill is a talented writer, who used to work at Design Forum before recently hanging her own shingle- a link to her site to come.
Here are the details from their press release:
Volume 7 at Yellow Cab, June 30, 7:30PM

PK Night is back!  Join us for Volume 7 at 7:30PM Thursday, June 30 at 700 East 4th Street. Sponsored by Dragonfly Editorial, this time we’re at the Yellow Cab Building, home of Dayton Creative Circus. Come and hear 9 presenters who’ve distilled their ideas into 400 seconds of fast-paced inspiration. Beverages and snacks provided..

Presenters include: Kevin Harris, artist, presenting “Tread,” drawings and prints combining traditional and digital art media, mind and body, eye and hand, camera and computer, printer and press. Kevin teaches Drawing and Printmaking at Sinclair Community College. J.T. Ryder, freelance writer, presents “Variety Is A Dirty Little Secret” or how he brought together diverse performers, musicians and artists to create the Dirty Little Secret Variety Show. Variety Is A Dirty Little Secret.” Wanting to bring together diverse performers, musicians and artists, J.T. finally had to give up hope on conning someone else into doing it and created the Dirty Little Secret Variety Show. David Esrati, community activist, blogger, ad agency owner and persistent candidate (for either city commission or Congress) will present “The end of coin flip politics” and let you vote on how we could give you the ability to elect the people you really want to run our country in the future.

Actress Megan Cooper will tell of life without a car, restaurateur Kimberly Collett will share the ongoing saga of Olive, Kidtee Hello will treat us to her strikingly beautiful photography, Patrice Hall of RealArt will share her experience of SXSW, and Jeff Opt, Creative Circus, will explain how we all ended up at the Yellow Cab building listening to him and drinking beer.

It should make for a fascinating evening. Hope to see you there.

Can politicians say no to anything?

Recently, the State House started to clear the way for Video Slots at racetracks. Local news cuts to Nan Whaley, where she is gushing about the jobs at the proposed Needmore racetrack. [note: there will still be a huge fight between track owners over the 50-mile radius guaranteed to track owners]

Much fanfare was made over the new GE Episcenter- where somehow, GE, a multi-billion-dollar company, gets a brand new building built with taxpayer support, gets to opt out of taxes and make “payments in lieu of taxes” to their new landlord, the University of Dayton- a private Catholic university- for the next 15 years with a TIF agreement. The following 15 years, they get reduced tax rates to the schools. Again- there is Nan all happy about “the jobs.” This is nothing other than corporate welfare.

No mention that gambling is a tax on stupid people- where the odds will always favor the house, never the bettor.

No mention that General Electric paid no U.S. Federal tax at all in 2010. Somehow, we’re supposed to get out of debt and fix our city by giving away the store.

Why do we allow politicians the power to give tax breaks in the first place?

We went to war over taxation without representation- how about a war on tax breaks without a vote by the public? If I wanted to invest in GE- I should buy stock- not pay taxes.

It’s time to outlaw tax breaks to any business that aren’t available equally- over the entire nation. No more shortchanging local school districts in order to “bring jobs” to a community, no more brinksmanship like the deals that were tossed around to keep NCR here.

It’s time to say no to all tax breaks at any level below the Federal level- and those, need to be put to a national vote. We can’t trust our pay to play politicians who are only worried about raising money for their next campaign to be involved in picking winners and losers anymore.

It’s time to just say no to tax breaks.

An Esrati panhandling solution proposal

Why do “good Samaritans” donate to our “Card-carrying panhandlers” on street corners- which apparently has become such a lucrative job- that there are now “organized panhandling gangs” working the streets (if you believe some comments). They do it- because they think, by the grace of god, that could be me.

The economy is tough. People are homeless at the highest rates ever. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Gas prices are high- and our government is running out of money and social services and safety nets are seeing funding cuts. Yep- it’s bad.

But, the Dayton City Commission thinks the answer is to create laws that will try to collect fines from the panhandlers. Only fools would think this makes sense. Besides the fact that this makes work for our police, who are already short staffed. Believe it or not- cops aren’t social workers- and jails aren’t homeless shelters. The money it would cost to rid our streets of these evil panhandlers through their solution will cost us much more than putting these people to work. That’s not including the costs of defending the sign law in the coming 1st amendment issue of free speech- which the city has a horrible track record of understanding.

Instead- we could try to do something more productive- put these people to work. Real work. Work we need to have done. In almost every place I see panhandlers- I can look at overgrown lots, trash and litter in the street, and graffiti that needs to be removed. If you ask me which is worse- I suggest the relatively clean panhandler bothers me less than the aforementioned urban dirt.

Yes, we’ll still have people standing on street corners- even with my solution- but, instead- lets make it part of a program that is organized and solving problems instead of making them.

We would start by creating a day labor pool depot. At the depot- anyone, from contractors, to landscapers to home owners, could pick up people for manual labor. The pay rate would be minimum wage- with no extra responsibility for SS, workers comp etc. A flat $7.85 an hour or whatever the rate is right now. Laborers would rate the employers- and employers would rate the laborers. For those who worry about this screwing with labor rates- those who try to use pool people for doing work that may be higher skill- on a regular basis- will be knocked out of the system quickly through the rating system. Laborers would be expected to do manual low skilled labor- from cutting grass with a push mower- to weeding, to scraping paint- or hauling off debris from a construction site.

Those who can’t do manual labor, would work at the depot answering phones, filling out paperwork, or handwork that can be dropped off- desk-bound project work like kitting packages.

The way you donate to the panhandlers would be to buy Alms Bucks- business cards printed on plastic cards- hard to duplicate- for $1 each. Each card would have directions to the depot- where the Alms bucks can be transformed into real dollars- after completing real work for at least 4 hours with a 100% rating.

Of course, some people who want to donate may not have alms bucks. In these cases, panhandlers could give the person a donation card- with info on how to get alms bucks. They would have their panhandling license number- and the donor would be sent to a web site to report their donation. Panhandlers would be checked on their integrity for reporting these donations- or have their license revoked.

Also – highest scoring workers, would be asked to don a vest- and actually officially vend Alms bucks on corners the first Friday of every month.

People buying alms bucks would be given credit for donations- for tax purposes- and to earn ratings. Church groups could raise money for the program, philanthropists could donate to the program, and individuals could donate to a program where they know that they are helping these people get back on their feet.

The program would be run by a non-profit, and the city would make a commitment to spend $100,000 hiring these people to pick up trash, cut empty lots, assist neighborhood projects- all to be invested only on a $1 for $1 match by donations.  Every panhandler would have an online profile- with their first name, their verified story, and their work history and rating- so that people who want to donate- can verify that they are truly donating to people who have real needs- and are working their way to get off the dole.

No questions would be asked about legal immigration status in the day laborer pool. The reason for this is because if we continue to ignore or rule these people as ineligible to work- their only options will be criminal activity or panhandling. If you don’t like it- find a better solution.

I’m sure there are some issues to resolve in this proposal- but that’s what comments are for. Please share your suggestions- or challenge me to solve the problems that I may have overlooked.

Thank you to the Mayor’s wife, Deborah Cool-Lorens for challenging me for an alternative solution.

The honey-do in Dayton List

All on my own, I managed to kill my mower (can’t blame the little brother this time). I tried to fix what I could- cleaned the carb, got a new governor spring, changed the filter, plug and oil. Nada.

But, I had forgotten about my post- about lawn mower repair (luckily my girlfriend reminded me):

Enter ad on Craigs list:

I am looking for running or non running lawn mowers, riding mowers, snow blowers, etc……. also looking for running or non running cars and trucks that people are giving away or selling for very very cheap, if you have any of these items or know some one that does, please keep my number and let me know.

My name is Mark 937-269-3649 Greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

We also do minor repairs on lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc…….. Thanks.

I called. Mark and his brother came out to look at my 4 mowers. I told them I just wanted one to work- preferably the big wheel one I bought a few years back. It was raining- we were discussing price- and they started talking about a receipt- or me taking down their license number. I said if I can’t trust you to do this on a handshake, life isn’t really worth it.

2 hours later- they brought back the big wheel mower working. Swapped engines with one of the others- sharpened the blade. Still needs a new plug and filter- but- it’s running.

via Small business needs help and customers: Mower repair.

Called Mark and his brother again- and they came, picked up the mower, replaced the coil and I’ve got a working mower again. All within a few hours- and inexpensively at that.

They even said that a few of my readers had called them after the last post. Thank you. The brothers are also doing light mechanical work on cars- and staying afloat, but could always use more mower work, so if your mower isn’t working- give them a call.

Next up- tree trimming. The front of our house is a mini forest- with 4 trees. One is overpowering another and we need to get it trimmed back- and the branches hauled away. Once again- my girlfriend checked my blog- and called Dan Fugate for an estimate- also from my blog- as my mother thanked the neighborhood for recommending a tree service:

David – please thank Bob for posting all the recommendations for help with the tree. You were right – it was amazing. Shows how much we care about our trees in South Park. We called several people and decided on Dan Fugate who owns D&F Tree Service, tel: 937-256-5178. Michael Di Flora recommended him.

In addition to being a top-notch pro, Mr. Fugate gets points for personality and price. He says that word of mouth is always helpful so anyone who would like to hear more about him should feel free to call us: (You can e-mail me- david at elect esrati dot com if you want to chat about this)

By the way, he spotted the empty cottage next door and expressed an interest. Said he would like to come back and live in South Park. We’d love to have him as a neighbor.

via How a connected neighborhood works.

And, while I’m at it- if you think you have a bedbug problem in Dayton, call Reene Gonzalez of Militerriers– 937-969-0898 who will bring out their bedbug-sniffing dog and locate the infestation so you can deal with it most efficiently. They bought three buildings in South Park and are working on them diligently, he’s active duty Army with 7 deployments to the sandbox- and the dog is amazing. (Full disclosure- they are a client of my firm as well). A neighbor came home from a NYC shopping trip- and thought she got bit in the hotel. She called Reene- and had been smart- leaving her luggage in her car- the dog came out- checked the house and the car and luggage for bedbugs- and found them in the luggage- saving a major infestation.

I also am going to mention my two favorite, reliable handymen. Bob Thade of Thade Construction- 937-256-5290, for doing any kind of remodeling, repair, fine carpentry (crown moldings, stairs etc). He’s worked with me on 5 properties and always done an amazing job at a reasonable price. This is a twenty-year-plus experience- and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Lastly- when it comes to heating and air, Matt York of United Heating and Air is one of the smartest mechanical guys I’ve met. He’s licensed as a plumber, electrician, boilers, heating and air and probably as three other things. He works really hard, is reliable and will save you money. He’s also forward thinking- and has been doing geo-thermal installations, solar and even wind. Call him-937-239-5011. [Update Oct 2011- Matt seems to have fallen off the face of the earth]

If you’d like to recommend anyone else as if your life depended on it- as the best people to solve your honey-do problems, feel free to add them in comments- however, I ask that only those of you willing to put your full real name and real e-mail on the form- do so. I will not let this become a place for self-promotion or spam links.

With all that said- I’m going to go cut grass before the rain comes.

Dayton panhandler law- it’ll cost us.

With a serious shortage of police on the street, no new hires in sight, we’re going to make holding a sign up on the corner illegal? Really?

Besides the slight problem with the U.S. constitutional protection of free speech, the city is going to “fine” or “incarcerate” panhandlers? Why not just give them minimum-wage jobs cutting grass on vacant lots instead? Between the wasting of time of valuable police officers making- oh around $30 an hour, and the cost of paperwork, court time, jail- the fines that will be levied and not collected…

Only from the wizards the citizens of Dayton elect:

Dayton’s new ordinance, which could be voted on next Wednesday, would require a soliciting permit to hold any sign asking for money, just as a panhandling permit is currently required to actively ask for money. The new ordinance also would restrict the times, places and manner that a person can hold such a sign.

Cook said the ordinance would make most offenses a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

“It’s an arrestable offense instead of just a ticket, and the maximum penalty is 30 days in jail and a $250 fine,” Cook said. “Because of overcrowding, will they spend serious time in jail? Probably not. But I would like to think the arrests will make a difference (in stopping the cycle).”

via Dayton’s crackdown on panhandlers may intensify.

Free Hugs panhandlers in the Oregon District

Are these criminals? Holding a sign- panhandling?

Laws that can’t be enforced are laws we don’t need. The legal defense on this one, when the ACLU steps in, will cost the city thousands.

Let’s just think about this for a minute- is wearing a shirt that says “I’m homeless please help” illegal too?

Or- holding a sign that says “Free hugs*” in big type- with smaller type “*donations appreciated” illegal?

Or, having a bottle of windex- and offering window cleaning- like in LA- for a donation?

Is this the most important thing our city leaders can do?

Too bad you can’t recall them.

Donations still being accepted to the legal fund to challenge the petition process in the charter if you think this kind of legislation is asinine.

The City Commission should only be working on a solution to our safety forces hiring issues right now- and not be allowed to go home until they come up with a solution. We can’t afford to have a city without adequate police protection.

Those pan-handlers sure keep me awake at night- how about you?


Full disclosure file: DPS hires The Next Wave

Some may think hell hath frozen over. Others may scream, rant and yell. But, to be fair- I’ve never been elected, I’m not a public figure, and believe it or not, my firm is damn good at what we do.

Dayton Public Schools- the Superintendent Lori Ward with the approval knowledge (update) of the School Board,  has hired The Next Wave (my small ad agency) on a one-shot P.O. to provide “Marketing and creative services to improve enrollment process for DPS including redesigning forms for digital completion, brochures, posters, direct mail as needed strategy and website”

The amount is $5,000 and the work is to be completed by June 30th.

I’ll post the PO if asked- it’s public record.

Will this bias my reporting of the Dayton Public Schools? Honestly- it’s difficult to do both, but since you don’t pay to read this- I don’t really care. My interests are in improving this city- and the city schools first and foremost. It’s why I’ve probably spent thousands of hours writing on this site- going to meetings, running for office, etc.

I’m not clearing this post with the superintendent or the school board. During the time that this is in effect- anything else I’ll write about DPS will be either commentary on published reports, or public information that I don’t feel is getting out about DPS. I will talk to the superintendent about the posts before they go up. I will also disclose my relationship with DPS in any post mentioning them.

And, again- remember, you read it here first. The DDN missed this.

Let the screaming begin- and bundle up (btw- it did get noticeably cooler this week- didn’t it….)

Quality of life is economic development. Let’s organize it better.

The Dayton Daily News has turned over a new leaf- and has gone on a waste-busting spree. First up wasn’t the clown corps  in charge of tax giveaways- the “economic development” people- which we have in abundance. Nope- it’s the people in charge of providing public amenities.

First was yesterday’s “news” that most municipalities lose money on public golf courses. Well, they also lose money on parks and playgrounds- as you could look at the “opportunity costs” involved vs. having housing or businesses on parkland- plus the cost of upkeep. However, golf isn’t the most practical of things to subsidize. The number of golfers in our population is relatively low because we’re not a retirement community- and golf is a game for those with plenty of time on their hands and usually some money, too. Also- it takes up an awful lot of space for relatively few players. Compare a soccer complex with a measly 10 full-size fields, 2 kids-sized, throw in some volleyball, a BMX track, a half dozen baseball diamonds- and even a pond, picnic shelters and parking, wait- did I just describe Delco Park- and you have less space, with higher use than 3 tees at a golf course.

Also, public golf courses compete directly with private golf courses- who have to pay taxes on all that land- not a fair equation.

You did notice one thing though- Dayton was one of the few communities to break even on golf, imagine that.

Rob Drydek Skate Park in KetteringNext up in the DDN hit list is the new Kettering water park- and mention of the closed Splash Moraine. Kettering understands better than most communities that good parks and recs are good for building a good community. They also have good schools and have managed to have a modicum of diversity as opposed to our outer-ring communities. Besides the aforementioned Delco Park- they also have a world famous signature skateboard park, courtesy of native son Rob Drydek and DC Shoes, and an ice arena- the only public hockey-sized skating rink in Montgomery County (where you will find me playing Huff-n-Puff hockey each winter). We could also add that Kettering has an amazing complex at the High School- and James Trent Arena- open to residents, an arts program at Rosewood and the Fraze pavilion which hosts concerts- including free ones- all summer long.

Compare that to Dayton- which has no skate park, no dog park, no BMX track, no soccer facility, closed its arts center, handed over Island Park band shell to Metroparks, closed pools, and a useless sized ice rink under the stewardship of Metroparks at Riverscape.

Kettering gets quality of life as a measure of success and understands that healthy cities have healthy residents. Dayton on the other hand would rather engage in crony-capitalism and try to artificially prop up home values by subsidizing both for-profit and non-profit builders in adding new homes (See the Charles Simms homes or the ones being built by East End Community Services or the St. Mary’s Development refurbishment of Marvin Gardens) while we have an abundance of housing stock that we are simultaneously spending huge money to tear down- or “deconstruct.”

Read the title of the person in charge of the new Kettering water park in this DDN quote:

“There is a huge demand for quality recreational experiences in Kettering and a huge demand for water in Kettering,” said Bill Tschirhart, the Kettering parks’ business services manager. “We gave them exactly what they wanted.”

via Kettering’s new waterpark fills void, draws crowds.

The “Kettering parks’ business services manager”- that they understand that parks and recs is a business- and a service to the community is how advanced Kettering gets it.

We do have a regional entity that gets quality of life as economic development- it’s called Five Rivers Metroparks- and if greater Dayton were smart- we’d move all parks and recs programs under its authority, provide Metropasses to Montgomery County residents based on the contributions of their communities’ current investment in recs programs and on average income of the community. Cities would pay into the program based on census numbers- with fixed contributions per person and we’d start seeing a true quality of life infrastructure system that is balanced and well run.

Kettering deserves kudos and study by every other community in the region for its mastery of this part of government. The rest of the region needs to start understanding that we will only begin to advance as a community once we start working together.

Fine furniture ala Esrati

In the next few days- I was going to post the details of a set of three Bruno Mathsson mid-century modern chairs (2 Evas and one Pernilla/Miranda chaise). My parents have finally decided to declutter the cottage- and get some more practical seating. I was going to take pictures of the actual chairs- and get them ready- but, then a friend asked a favor- so this got rushed.

Here is a picture of the Eva- pretty much the way my parents’ chairs look- they have 2 of them. (the detailed photos of the actual two chairs are now here: http://esrati.com/evachairs/ )

Asking $800 each or $1,500 for the two. SOLD!

Eva chair, Bruno Mathsson

Bruno Mathsson Eva chair. We have 2 for sale.

Pernilla Chair with ottomen for sale

My parents old Pernilla Chair for sale

The Pernilla chaise  is black webbing, with the black leather head rest and arm cushions. The foot rest has one strap that’s worn, and the webbing is all faded from the sun. Here is the best picture of the style- I could find.They are asking $2500.

One of my readers  will have some amazing examples of pristine Swedish design, with the caveat that Esrati sat here. (I’m only joking- but, yes- I sat in them a lot growing up).

Then a friend is moving and asked me to spread the word about this amazing Divan- a one-of-a-kind piece she’d like to unload to someone who recognizes fine furniture.

Cork Sofa/divan by Trevor O'NeilFrom the snooty site description:

It sounds like a dessert, but the Dulce de Leche Divan by Trevor O’Neil is a contemporary sofa that’s both stylish and eco-friendly. Made of recycled cork and birch, this sofa is simple and contemporary in design. Besides neutral/natural colors (it looks almost unfinished) clean lines with rounded soft edges make this an inviting seat, although with no back it’s probably not the best for real relaxing — sit up straight! Only available in the one color scheme, and notice the handy built-in end tables on either side.

via Trevor O’Neil’s “Dulce de Leche Divan”.

She gave me these details:

It’s the only one in existence. No imperfections whatsoever (but cork has an imperfect texture by nature).
Completely hand made from cork and birch with linen seat cushions. One of a kind.  I bought directly from the artist, so no previous owners. 90X36.  Cushioned area is 66×24.  Has end tables built into both arm rests.
Was originally listed by the studio at 10K.  I need $4,000 to part with it.
If you are interested in the Mathssons call me at 937-228-4433 or email using the link on the top of the sidebar. They are available for viewing in Dayton, Ohio. We can ship- if you’re willing to pay. In a few weeks, I’ll put them on E-bay.
For the couch- write [email protected] to get in touch.
Looking over the four pieces- they’d go real well together. Just a thought.