July 2010

Lust for a big wheel

When I was little- we had tricycles with a big wheel in the front with a direct drive pedal system (no chain)- and we sat up above it, with two little wheels in the back. The frame was metal, the wheels were rubber. About fourth grade- a new kind of tricycle came out. It was Read More

Desperation and Morality: where to draw the line?

When people are desperate, some turn to crime. When governments are desperate they just redefine crime- now, online gambling is getting looked at as a tax source. Why not just go all the way- legalize prostitution and marijuana too? It’s ok to fleece billions on Wall Street- and get paid millions for failing- but, sell Read More

Is Esrati.com the Wikileaks of Dayton Ohio?

It’s been interesting to watch how Wikileaks made the last big leak available, to traditional media first and the rest of us later. Wasn’t that the point of the web- access to everybody? But, in this information overloaded society- we still look to established sources and tools to evaluate and analyze data for us. The Read More

A free movie after dinner tonight? “Dinner for Schmucks” passes

Yep- it’s at the Greene- at 7:30, but- I’m helping a PR person from my old haunts in Cleveland Heights: For your chance to win passes log onto www.gofobo.com/rsvp And enter the code: FAAFJR20 “The comedy, “Dinner for Schmucks,” tells the story of Tim (Paul Rudd), an up-and-coming executive who has just received his first Read More

Dayton gets national press for wrong thing (again)

Over 20 years ago I was sitting on a dive boat with some people from NYC. I was telling them about my house I bought for $14,500- “$14,500? That’s what I pay a year for my parking spot” said one. “Did it come on a trailer” asked another. I went on to describe my 2-story, Read More

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