April 2010

Spill, Baby, Spill

Sara Palin where are you now? Because of the tabloid style “debate” which passes for political discourse in this country- we don’t have intelligent discussions about cause and effect. Off-shore oil drilling sounds great and fine- as does nuclear power, as does strip mining and “clean coal” (which doesn’t exist except in some highly paid Read More

Let’s dumb down the Dayton Daily News even more!

Having a Brit for a mother, and a journalist for a father I’ve always been interested in the difference between newspapers on each side of the pond. Our newspapers take themselves too seriously and the Brits- well, they have more fun. From the Page 6 girls, to the tabloid front page, news as entertainment is Read More

Gun laws we really need

The Dayton Daily News has a story about a group of church leaders planning a prayer vigil in front of the Bill Goodmans Gun and Knife show which is held at Hara Arena. They are calling for “criminal background checks on all firearm transactions”- which is already done- unless you are a private seller meeting Read More

All those politicians cost you money

In the UK where me Mum is from, they have a word they like to use for layoffs and for downsizing: redundant. It even has specific legal meaning. In Ohio we’ve never met a jurisdiction, legislator, or representative that didn’t think the world couldn’t live without them or what they do. It’s contributed to government Read More

Chief Biehl in the ‘hood

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a bit: The Chief of Police seems to understand what is happening better than the people in planning or in “economic development”- he’s redistricted South Park, the Oregon District and the Fairgrounds neighborhood into the Central Business District. ‘Bout time. Downtown just started being bigger than a Read More

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