December 2009

Santa Claus wears four stars

When I enlisted, it wasn’t for the money. Every month, the $540 odd bucks that hit my bank account weren’t near what I made selling stereo equipment- but, I also didn’t have to pay for food, housing or my daily fashion. I also had a comprehensive health care plan, and a great personal trainer that Read More

Quality, Certifications and Guilds- and why medical care costs so much

How can an Army Spec-4 do a vasectomy on a solider, without 8 years of college and a medical degree, yet 3 stitches will set you back $1,400? Is it that we’re demanding over qualification? And who makes the decision on when it’s ok to do whatever? Before we had unions, we had craft and Read More

Day old Dayton Daily News

In today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show,  we look back at yesterday’s Dayton Daily News. Greg Hunter and David Esrati discuss the hoopla surrounding the shifting of our economic foundations from private corporations to, well- the no-tax-base non-profits as we’re seeing with UD taking over NCR world HQ. Should we be overjoyed at the news that Read More

Investing in youth sports?

We’ve seen the last twenty years of failure by local governments investments in private corporations. We’ve also seen a rise in gangs, drop out rates, crime. Why? Because the City of Dayton stopped investing in the youth- and youth sports programs. We’ve cut our parks and rec’s program to bare bones. Look at Kettering- a Read More

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