October 2009

Why my picture isn’t prominently on my site

If you look at the competition sites: www.joeydwilliams.com and www.nanwhaley.com you’ll see their pictures prominently displayed. If you look at their literature, their picture is prominently displayed. If you watch Nan’s videos- she’s in them (with a creepy voice over talking about what she’ll do, as if she can’t speak for herself). Here, you have Read More

Metroparks Levy, Issue 4, Vote yes

There is only one shining example of regional governance in Dayton Ohio- it’s our Metroparks system. For years, it was a sleepy organization with nature preserves. Now, it’s an economic development powerhouse, providing the kinds of outdoor activities and places to do things that make Dayton a great place to live. If you haven’t been Read More

Vote no on Issue 3. For a whole lot of reasons

I’ve already written why Issue 3 is a bad idea. Never mind that Montgomery County Democratic Party thinks it’s a good idea because they got money from the Casino backers to tell you to vote yes. It creates a monopoly- with no competitive bidding- for 2 organizations in 4 locations. How big of a monopoly? Read More

Voting no on Issue 2- Livestock care standards board Amendment

There are lots of things Ohio should regulate, and take care of- but, a Constitutional Amendment to create another layer of bureaucracy to “protect livestock and poultry” is an insult to the people of the Great State of Ohio. Constitutional Amendments are special. It takes a whopping 70% of the vote to overturn or amend Read More

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