August 2009

Esrati and Leitzel endorsed “For the love of Dayton”

It’s not the AFL-CIO or big money- but by “For the Love of Dayton” I support David Esrati for Dayton City Commission and Gary Leitzell for Dayton Mayor. Esrati has a great site and would do a helluva job cleaning up the bureaucracy/redundancy/opaque closed door politics of the city. Esrati ‘gets it’ and would bring Read More

The Wild West or Dayton? Is shooting back the answer?

I have mixed feelings about guns. I believe in the right to own guns, but I don’t believe it’s a right that is automatic. I also don’t believe that anyone needs an M-16, or a howitzer or a nuclear weapon. That stops me from being a Libertarian, but when I read stories like this, I Read More

David Esrati is not a tagger

The call came before I was done with my last two “tags”- my housemate, who has had his share of run-ins with the law, was sure that he’d caught me breaking the law. You could almost hear the glee in his voice. “You know they’ve got you on camera” were the first words out of Read More

Thoughts on electibility of a City Commissioner

Dean Lovelace ran three times before he pulled out of a general election so that he could run in a special election and win. Before that, he had been pushing for dividing the city up into districts so that he would have a shot. After he was elected, he never once pushed for districts, and Read More

Clueless Matt Joseph

The whole point of the city manager form of government was to have continuity beyond elections. A professional manager, who serves at the will of an elected board of directors who are supposed to have the citizens’ and the city’s best interests at heart. From today’s Dayton Daily News: City Commissioner Matt Joseph said that Read More

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