July 2009

How much does a City Commission seat cost? Answers today.

It’s the campaign finance turn-in day today. If you’ve got over $10K in donations you have to file. I’m proud to say, I don’t have $10K and won’t be filing. That doesn’t mean I’m not serious, it’s just that I have a real job, and real obligations, and don’t think that winning elections should be Read More


I’m pissed. And, there are a lot of other people pissed as well. I know them well, I served with the US Army Special Forces. These are people who don’t accept excuses, and it’s time for Dayton to stop making them. That means you, and everyone you know. It’s time to stop letting punks run Read More

Carmen’s Deli now open- go see Haitham

I’ve known Haitham Iman for years. I’m sure many of you who have attended events at the David Ponitz center, Building 12, of Sinclair know him too. He’s the always smiling, nice guy, who makes sure your experience is exceptional when it comes to the food at events. Now, he’s the guy on the grill- Read More

The best politicians money can buy- the continuing saga

Maybe I missed something in the Dayton Daily Newsless- but, this news from February’s Cleveland Plain Dealer (thank’s TG) covers the Fed’s raiding a defense lobbying firm that has given considerable amounts to Congressmen Hobson, Turner and Austria. PMA Group specializes in securing defense earmarks for clients in spending bills. The Center for Responsive Politics Read More

Let’s take out the trash Ohio.

For lack of $53,000 the State of Ohio has stopped providing trash cans at State Parks. This means, when doing maintenance- like cutting the grass, State employees have to waste more time stopping to pick up the trash that didn’t get taken home by taxpayers. Really bad choice. Here is the article from the Dayton Read More

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