June 2009

150 years for Madoff, and the SEC gets off easy

While there are people dancing in the streets about Madoff getting 150 years (they are now homeless, because of this cretin who stole their life savings) we haven’t yet seen one regulator nailed to the same cross. Why not? Herein lies the fundamental problem with our current financial system: it’s all one big con game. Read More

The Clueless form of Dayton City Management.

When was the last time you heard the City Manager asking the City Commission a question at a Commission meeting? A real question? When was the last time you heard an active discussion about different ways to approach a problem, out in public? That’s the beginning of the reason Dayton is failing to instill confidence Read More

Dayton Daily News finally catches on to the corporate welfare BS.

Today, the Dayton Daily News editorial board finally agreed with a position I’ve staked out as one of the primary threats to our society: Corporate welfare. It’s a stunning turnabout for a company that has never met a tax break they didn’t wholeheartedly endorse. The ones for Reynolds & Reynolds, Relizon, Workflow One etc- were Read More

The Nan Whaley way- and, oh yes, complete streets

Today there was a meeting at the Dayton Convention Center to talk about “Complete Streets”- the new urbanist approach to multi-modal transportation infrastructure. Good stuff- with about 80 in attendence. The “keynote” was given by City Planning chief, John Gower who has incredible institutional knowledge of Dayton and its planning history. Some of it pretty Read More

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