May 2009

Robbing a lot of Peters to pay… Steve Jobs

Tax breaks as “economic development” tools is a smoke and mirrors expression for making the rich richer, and the poor poorer. If there is one thing that needs to be changed nationally, it’s the outlawing of all tax breaks for business by any state or local agency for the purpose of relocation assistance. In other Read More

So much for financial aid in Ohio.

A friend forwarded me the following e-mail from the State. Click on the first three links- and the programs are being discontinued. Dear FAFSA Filer: The Ohio General Assembly is currently debating the biennial budget bill that will appropriate state funds for the next two years. An important part of this bill and this debate Read More

What do the elevator attendants do in the information age?

I had all kinds of ideas for a really insightful post about building codes, redevelopment and the relative value of buildings empty or full brewing in my head yesterday inspired by the post on Dayton Most Metro: “Restrooms, Elevators and Sprinklers- Oh My!” Then life took me on a different path. My tenant of 6 Read More

Building codes, sprawl and value.

Bill Pote over at Dayton Most Metro has a long post and a small comment debate going on about how restrictive building codes and over-the-top requirements are making redevelopment severely expensive at the cost of much of our existing infrastructure- and empowering sprawl. He asks: But have we made these codes so restrictive that we’ve Read More

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