March 2009

The meaningless nominating committee

I’ve said that the petition process for the City of Dayton is flawed for many reasons- and now we can add one more: it appears you can name anyone to your nominating committee, with or without their consent, as long as they are a registered voter in the city: The law director today responded with Read More

Diving Through Dayton- a food blog

A friend of mine writes a foodie blog in Cincy that’s pretty serious: Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati, and she’s pretty serious about her reviews. If you are looking for the hot places to eat in Cincy, this is the site. She’s a big fan of independent local places and tries to avoid the chains. Read More

GoTeam GO! New Dayton Cheerleading site.

Not much there yet- and it doesn’t seem to have RSS, but, it’s a site about Dayton, so as the number one Dayton blog- I thought I should let you all know about it: Good News In Dayton’s goal is to communicate the good things going on in and around the Dayton area that we Read More

Not just no, but HELL NO! AIG Bonuses with tax dollars

Excuse me, I’d have a hard time explaining my paycheck, never mind a bonus for running a company into the ground and taking the global economy with it. Apparently, the people at AIG don’t realize they should be getting shot and then burned at the stake. Instead they are claiming they requite bonuses to keep Read More

Will Gary Leitzell become Mayor by default?

The dangers of carefully laid plans behind closed doors are about to be out in the open. Instead of screening candidates for Mayor and Commission the Montgomery County Democratic Party endorsed and forwarded only one candidate per seat for this year’s race.  This was the same thing they did with Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. Read More

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