March 2009

Dayton should sell water to Greene County

Dayton has excess capacity to deliver water. Greene County has shortages, forcing voluntary watering restrictions. A little bit of regional cooperation and voila, cash to Dayton – and save Greene County residents some money. From today’s Dayton Daily News: There are no plans to increase water rates, which should come as good news for customers Read More

Is it time to simplify business incorporation?

Regular readers know that I listen to the podcast of American Public Radio’s Marketplace show. Last week, they had a singer, Jill Sobule, on who gave up on the big record companies and asked her fans to fund her next album. It took just 6 weeks to raise $75K and off she went. However, she Read More

The Dayton Tea Party on Tax day

This country was founded by a bunch of patriots, who today would be called terrorists. That’s how backward our country has become. It’s every American’s right to rebel, to protest, to speak their mind, to question authority- however, those who do- are often labeled “gadflies,” “crazy,” or even terrorists. Right now our government has made Read More

Why we’ll lose the Dayton Daily News, and what we’ll really be missing

Everyone who reads the Dayton Daily News, either in print or online, knows they’ve been making changes faster than a casino changes dealers when a table gets hot. No matter what they seem to do, the general consensus is it’s getting worse. Typically, things get worse before they get better- but, the problem with the Read More

Social media changing urban resource use? The Usemore concept

Microsoft sponsored a contest to use their technologies for good- with a “brief” called “phizzpop.” As part of the SXSW conference in Austin, the challenge was how to make Austin more “green.” Given that Austin TX is already well on the way and very “green” already, this wasn’t an easy task. A friend of mine Read More

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