March 2009

DDN discovers the South Park Tavern!

Kudo’s to Bill Daniels and Shaine Sullivan for an amazing write up for the South Park Pizza Tavern, my favorite local watering hole. Located at the corners of Wayne and Oak streets in the South Park Historic District, South Park Pizza Tavern’s combination of savory, steaming pizza pies and cool craft beers makes it a Read More

Thurgood Marshall transforming before your eyes

Back in July of 2008, I wrote a post about my friend David Lawrence, the new principal at Thurgood Marshall HS. I predict that within 3 years, Dayton’s Thurgood Marshall High School will be a school of first choice, much like the vaunted St. Ivers (I mean Stivers). And, I’ll be surprised if the parents Read More

Dayton’s declining revenue and rising costs: one solution: tax hospitals

The City of Dayton, like every other business in the United States has been getting hit with increasing health insurance premiums to cover their employees. In fact, the major sticking point in most negotiations with the unions involves the costs of health insurance. Facing declining revenues, the City Manager has been working at decreasing the Read More

Who really benefits from expensive primary elections?

The petition process is flawed, as is the system of electing our City Commission. We’re supposed to have a “non-partisan” election- which means without political party interference, but the body that oversees the process (the Montgomery County Board of Elections) is controlled by the two political parties. For a good look at the primary system Read More

Can anyone run for office?

We learn from our mistakes, we learn from trying new things, but most of all we learn from exceptional teachers. Tierney Cahill could teach us all something about running for office. My father sent me this post,  and I’m just giving you the beginning in the hope that you’ll follow the link and read the Read More

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