February 2009

Moe’s on Brown becoming Hot Head Burritos, a step closer to local flavor

It didn’t take long for Moe’s to mosey off Brown Street, and now signs in the window suggest that local chain Hot Head Burritos will be taking over the space. The real question is how long can a strip of fast food feeders survive without any other reason to head there other than to eat? Read More

How to become the new news media in Dayton

You can publish your ideas to www.daytonos.com if you don’t have a site of your own. Or you can send your news tips to me, and let me do it. But, what about video? You’ll have noticed that I’ve posted more video lately- and it’s all thanks to my new FlipHD camera. Right now, Amazon Read More

It’s time for Dayton to focus on counting blessings

Business Week has an interesting story on positive psychology. Dayton could use a strong dose of it right now. For all that we have wrong, we have so many things right. Foremost in my mind is the sincere friendliness that you feel on the streets- people will look you in the eye and say hello Read More

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