January 2009

Payback, Parachute or Patronage? Husted rehired by Dayton chamber

Still under scrutiny for violating election laws by voting from and representing a vacant house, the vacant suit makes a triumphant return to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. State Sen. Jon Husted has been hired by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to oversee its workforce development efforts, the organization said Friday, Jan. 30. Husted, Read More

Is it time for Dayton to rethink rooming houses?

Right now, I’d venture that Dayton has an ample supply of affordable homes. Right now, the economy is tanking and people can’t get credit. Out of work, under-employed, trying to get by. When this country was going through its industrial boom at the turn of the twentieth century, immigrants and rural Americans flocked to the Read More

To Obama- “shameful” or “Criminal”

Steal food from a grocery store to feed your family- go to jail. Steal trillions from the global economy, pay yourself a bonus and the new President calls it “shameful.” Obama told reporters he was outraged by a report of $18.4 billion paid out in Wall Street bonuses, as taxpayer money was being used to Read More

Parking downtown- don’t solve the problem- build a website.

Gotta love the people at the DDP, instead of working to build standardized parking rates, signs, and create a real parking infrastructure, with tax breaks for cooperation- they build a website. The Downtown Dayton Partnership launched a Web site Thursday to help people find parking in the city. The site, EasyParkDowntown.org, has an interactive map Read More

Wayne & Wyoming meeting for tonight postponed

From: “Walbridge, Amy” <[email protected]> Subject: Wayne and Wyoming Meeting Cancelled With the closure of Dayton Public Schools today, we have to cancel the Wayne and Wyoming Meeting scheduled for tonight at Ruskin Elementary. Your help in spreading the word is appreciated.

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