November 2008

The 104th way Dayton can save money

Even when you try to stay tuned in to Dayton government issues- you miss some things- like the City actually asking for help in cutting expenses. You can e-mail ideas to them here: [email protected] The Dayton Daily News had a story on the 103 ways to save today: City of Dayton officials say they’re taking Read More

The Dayton Daily News: Another reason to loathe it

This has been bothering me for 2 days. On Monday, November 24th, 5 days before the biggest shopping day of a very desperate retail season, the lead story reads “Beware of the risk of a gift card.” As if local business isn’t being squeezed enough. Working with quite a few, financially solvent, small businesses in Read More

Find lost dog- win fabulous prizes: Dog is found.

Larkin has lost found Macy. She needs your help. Macy is an American Foxhound, she is very friendly, but a bit timid and will probably be pretty frightened. She was last spotted this morning about 12:20 a.m. in the area of Broadway and Superior, but she could be anywhere. There is $100 for her return. Read More

How to balance the Dayton budget- and get union cooperation

While the rest of us may have to cut our cable bill, eat meat less often, drive less and otherwise tighten our belts through the latest economic crunch, the three main Dayton unions aren’t willing to budge on pre-negotiated automatic raises. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Commission that knows how to advise a City Manager Read More

How much were you paid for who you know?

If this doesn’t make you sick, it should. Two vendors competing to run a new Ohio Lottery game showered tens of thousands of dollars on a political group benefiting Democratic governors, including Ohio’s Ted Strickland. Intralot Inc. gave its first donation this year to the Democratic Governors Association on April 11, according to federal filings. Read More

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