October 2008

If you want change- first thing is we have to close the store where you buy a Congressman

Remember when John McCain used to be associated with campaign finance reform instead of “Joe the plumber”? Well, if we want change, it’s not through term limits, but by placing restrictions that limit political donations to people in their districts. I always knew we had the best politicians money could buy, but this report should Read More

Is the Turner Effect about to “Get DC”?

More than a few sources have told me that the Turner Effect has laid off many staffers and is about to close its doors. After the “Get Midwest” debacle, apparently clients weren’t that interested in associating themselves with an agency that grossly overcharges. The Turner Effect is headed by OH-3 Congressman Mike Turner’s wife, Lori Read More

Sinclair’s new megalomania mission

Montgomery County voters have subsidized Sinclair Community College, over and over. Now, we’re subsidizing campuses in Warren county- and soon- Preble County. Sinclair Community College will move forward with plans for a Preble County campus, following a decision from its executive committee. Campus officials said the executive committee voted to pass a resolution Monday to Read More

US attacks Syria: Story on page 9?

On September 11th 2001, the US was attacked. It took balls and a lot of hatred to do it. It wasn’t an attack by a nation, but of a small group of extremists- and it was the rationale for the US to invade 2 countries, spend billions of dollars, and try to impose “regime change” Read More

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