July 2008

Reynolds bails on downtown

Sprawl will kill us all. In the final act of a three act play, orchestrated by corporate chieftains and played out by foolish bureaucrats, the series of tax breaks and “development deals” finalizes with the CEOs laughing- and the taxpayers not getting what they were promised. Reynolds & Reynolds used to be entirely in Dayton. Read More

Time to sell gas guzzling trucks to OPEC countries

There are people who can still buy gas for under $2 a gallon- they’ve got it coming out of the ground. The solution for GM is to start exporting all the Hummers, TrailBlazers and Escalades to sell in UAE and Saudi Arabia. With the weak dollar, cheap gas and empty tankers going back every day- Read More

A strange bit of Dayton history and race relations

Apparently, being a Dayton cop and beating up African Americans was a punchline in 1938- and the perception still remains that this is what cops do- all the way 70 years later. The thing is- it was manufactured then- and now, it is still hinted at. Read the entire story on the NYT site- it Read More

Even with editing, our Mayor the trainwreck.

The Drum Major Institute of Public Policy out of NYC has started MayorTV where they post video inteviews of American Mayors. They interviewed Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin in Miami, Florida at the Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors a few months ago- even with kind editing- you can understand why the citizens of “greater Dayton” don’t Read More

The takedown of Jack Brooks.

In today’s Dayton Daily News, the other side of Dayton Police Officer Jack Brooks has finally started to be told. After the shooting, the focus was on how he was about to be fired- yet, Chief Biehl still let him out on patrol solo. No cop wants to shoot someone, especially, on his last days Read More

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