June 2008

Who will be the next Clerk of the Dayton City Commission?

I have no idea, but the applications were due by end of business today- and I applied. Here is the cover letter I submitted- this was not an easy decision, however, I’m pretty sure the Commission won’t have a hard time making their decision. 30 June 2008 Ms. Angie Freeman City of Dayton Commission Office Read More

Cliburn Manor comes down- McLin wants a “Senior Getto” in it’s place

You could tell who Karin Manovich voted for in the last Mayoral election when she took the podium after Mayor McLin got done with her address to the group of dignitaries and muckity-mucks at the tear down ceremony. McLin had suggested to Dick Fergeson from University of Dayton that they try to build a “senior Read More

A public service message- sort of…

For those of you who are parents, and have kids who are addicted to WebKinz (I’ve seen it- the force is strong with these little furry things)- my client in Troy is having a one day sale: Introducing Webkinz at Duck Duck Goose Boutique. To kick off our new line of these amazing interactive furry Read More

A butcher, a baker, a fruit and vegetable stand… a walkable community

Tomorrow is the Cliburn Manor tear down ceremony. We have not been clued in to what may go on the site (my guess is MVH already has plans). We’ve seen a drawing of an HBA inspired McCommunity- and the developers of the new Kroger showed us something even more unlikely. But, maybe, we’ll just end Read More

North Korea good, Cuba bad? WTF?

So, the Axis of Evil lost a teammate this week. Place a bet that within a year, Wal-Mart will be selling products made in North Korea. In the mean time, Cuba, a mere 90 miles away, has a literacy rate at 97%, used to be a vacation hot-spot, and produces a lot of sugar and Read More

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