September 2007

South Park is alive and well.

Rob Podiak said it best, “After living here for 15 years, this is finally becoming the neighborhood I’ve always wanted to live in” as we were running back to his house to pick up more all-beef hot dogs for the grill he was running to feed the volunteers at the first annual Historic South Park Read More

Free Jazz concert in Dayton today!

Looking for something to do in Dayton today? How about a free Jazz Concert in South Park on the boulevard. Starts around 1pm- goes till 9pm or so. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket- and a cooler- and camp out. It’s a prelude to Rehabarama which is coming next week. And don’t forget the Read More

SportsPlex in Huber Heights?

Instead of being a crown jewel of Dayton- for all to see, and all to use, in a central, highly visible location, building on the strengths of RiverScape, Kettering Fields, Island Park and the coming Kroc Center- SportsPlex is going to be stuffed away in Huber Heights. It won’t be the central place for kids Read More

Wacko mail update- Reward!

I’ve posted before about my wacko mail. I’m not the only one who gets it- Larry Jaffe at Jaffe Jewelers is also one of the frequent targets. Never mind, Mayors, heads of quasi-government organizations, restaurant owners the list goes on. This is part of what I wrote a while back: Wacko mail at Esrati For Read More

On “Saving Downtown”

Obviously, with a little promotion, and a little money, it’s possible to get thousands of people downtown to enjoy the city. Twice a year, the Downtown Dayton Partnership earns their keep. So- how do we get the “Urban Nights” feel to be every night? Here are some answers:

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