July 2007

Services ala carte – To SID or not to SID, that, alas, is the question

I’m sure Downtown property owners would have liked to pick and choose what services they were paying for when the Special Improvement District was created for Downtown to fund the Downtown Dayton Partnership. They didn’t get a choice. However, now the Oregon District Business Association is getting exactly that option: Partnership to provide services in Read More

7 Months later, RTA reverses: will allow bus ads

Back in January, I told you that RTA was going to halt advertising on the buses. http://esrati.com/?p=187 Today at lunch, I ran into RTA board Chairman Bryan Bucklew who informed me that RTA has reversed the decision and will now begin accepting bus ads again. The directive from the board to RTA Director Donaghy  was Read More

Dayton Daily News and the “ing’ing” of words

I’m the last one who should be a grammar cop, but, lately the Dayton Daily News seems to have instituted an East Dayton Style guide. In a story about thieves stealing copper plumbing from homes- they called the pipes, “piping” and on the front page of today’s paper, they said “UD Arena gets new flooring Read More

A new member of the “Dayton Syndicate”

The “DaytonOS” has launched- OS standing for either “Official Statement” or “Operating System” take your pick. Its first post is one that makes me think- so I’ve included most of it- (to try to get you to head over and look- and add its feed to your list). DPS Subsidy = Dangerous Precedent at DaytonOS.com Read More

Why the South Park Historic District is the best place to live in Dayton

I bought my home on January 28, 1986. That was also the day the space shuttle Challenger blew up. $14,500 for 1700 square feet of Victorian wood frame home. A 2 car detached garage, fenced in yard for the dog- and a lot of work staring me in the face. Seven years of living with Read More

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