June 2007

Commissioner Whaley needs lessons in PR

It’s bad enough the Dayton Daily News chooses to sensationalize the region’s population shifts as if there were a mass exodus going on and the last person leaving Dayton should turn out the lights- but, when our youngest commissioner opens her mouth and says “we have to accept it”- we may as well just start Read More

Dayton Daily News loses subscribers in droves.

Today’s front page headline really bugged me. “Residents leaving Dayton in droves” was total bullshit. What the hell is a “drove” anyway? Define it? What’s a “big crowd”? Everything is relative. In case you haven’t been paying attention- Beavercreek and Springboro can’t keep up with their population growth- with school overcrowding becoming a huge problem. Read More

Dayton as a sport tourism mecca?

There was nothing in the Dayton Daily News today- amazing, since all three county commissioners were in attendance, the county director of economic development, the head of the Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau- the list goes on. (I know, I was there doing something positive- so they would never breathe a word!). So- here Read More

Taxation ala carte?

I don’t have kids in public school, but I pay a school levy. I pay for the police, the fire department and other services because I’ve always thought that there was an economy of scale in doing so. I pay for things I don’t use- and that’s ok. But, now, Walnut Hills residents are talking Read More

Limbo’s – another tear down paradise to put up a parking lot story.

First Seattle East- then the possibility of losing the Flying Pizza, and now Limbo’s- all to provide storage for cars for Care Source. Downtown eatery to close – Dayton Business Journal: Downtown Dayton bar and restaurant Limbos is closing to make room for a right of way for CareSource Management Groups parking garage. The 20-year-old Read More

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