May 2007

DP&L board of directors are crooks too.

I guess the first thing I need to do is define “crook”- so as not to confuse anyone. “4.a dishonest person, esp. a sharper, swindler, or thief.” Or in my simple language, someone who takes something that’s not theirs to take. That would define the “executives” from DP&L who paid themselves $33 million for “managing” Read More

Strickland shows his spine is missing- again

When an issue goes on the ballot- the voters don’t get to line item vote- it’s a simple yay- nay thing. We also don’t get to make excuses after the fact. We are presented with a choice and vote. Simple. No trying to define the word “is” or anything else. And in the election – Read More

Things to do this weekend in Dayton OH

It’s a holiday weekend- so, of course you have to fire up the grill at least once- but, you can follow up your hot day in the sun on Sunday with a cool visit to the Nutter Center for Bombers championship hockey. Game 3 starts at 8pm- and if you have kids- the ad with Read More

Matt Joseph wakes from 3.5 year coma-

And the city will barely realize it. Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph doesn’t get much attention here, or elsewhere, because for the last 3.5 years of his term, he hasn’t said or done much (except take a paycheck). With his re-election coming this fall, with no real challengers, he managed to get his name in Read More

You are mighty…. you are also in need of a date in Dayton.

Got this from a friend today- one that I hadn’t heard from in a long time. He’s in advertising- so- of course, it turns out to be a viral to announce a free dating service (sneaky bastards those marketers)- called, ahem, lettuce connect… sound effects, rim shot- zing. So you stick your name in front Read More

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