May 2007

DECA makes the NY Times- Husted makes an idiot of himself

The Dayton Public Schools have some succes stories- unfortunately, DPS doesn’t know how to leverage the good news- instead running a levy campaign based on fear. The New York Times writes about DECA- as if it is a dead man walking. Of course, Jon Husted- who would prefer every school to be a charter school, Read More

Yet another “National Search”

Our whole police department must be full of losers and idiots. At least that’s the message when I see the words “National Search.” If you don’t have a number 2 ready to step up to fill your shoes, you shouldn’t be number 1. National search planned for police director The city of Dayton will conduct Read More

Dayton Public Schools needs to walk the talk

I almost laughed when I saw that DPS was cutting the school day to cut utility costs. I mentioned that the lights were on at Stivers at night (a school under construction) several weeks ago. Just to prove a point- I’ve included a picture I took from Dutoit Street, at 11 pm- on Sunday, May Read More

Taking responsibility for school funding- locally

Since the State of Ohio refuses to address the constitutionality of school funding- and our local schools are being forced to suffer because of it- maybe it’s time for the “Leaders” at the County level to step up. Dan Foley, Judy Dodge, Debbie Lieberman- this is for you: Make a County wide school levy. One Read More

State of Ohio websites still in stone age.

It’s bad enough when I get one of these “State of Ohio RFP (Request For Proposals) notices” and they can’t just put a simple link into the e-mail to get to the RFP- instead here are their instructions: STATE OF OHIO PROCUREMENT OPPORTUNITY NOTICE Index #: DOH060S RFP Number: CSP902408 Opening Date: 06/22/2007 at 1:00 Read More

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