April 2007

Corporate welfare and the uneven playing field

In the grand scheme of things, a half-million dollars won’t solve school funding, public safety issues or pave that many streets. But, doling out our tax dollars to private entities  as “economic development” is one more example of government not “sticking to the knitting” and wasting resources on speculation and playing favorites. It’s not a Read More

First there was the “Death tax” now it’s the “Surrender date”

I’m making another exception to my general rule- stick to local things. I know I’ll regret it. Word-smithing makes a difference in marketing- and even more in politics. Put a new euphemism on something- and someone will buy it. I doubt you will find anyone today who will tell you that the Vietnam war was Read More

Things that make you go hmmmmm

The Dayton City Manager manages a half-billion dollar plus budget, has 2000 odd employees, and has to live in the City. The Downtown Dayton Partnership president has a staff of under a dozen, a couple of million dollar budget- and can live in Clayton. Yet, they both get paid about the same. Downtown partnership sticks Read More

Crazy economic development idea?

One of the advantages of being written off as nuts, is the ability to say what you think and let history sort out the diagnosis. Try protesting with a mask at a Dayton City Commission meeting sometime- just make sure you have better PR abilities than the City (and if the web had the reach Read More

A radical school funding option

Ten years plus after the Ohio Supreme Court found the Ohio school funding system flawed- nothing much has changed (other than the authorization of Charter schools- which is a whole other mess). However, as a property owner, who is looking at a huge jump in taxes to support a school system that isn’t being funded Read More

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